Terms & Conditions To Take Our Services

Terms of Payment

For Bangladesh – Bkash/Bank-Transfer

For Others – Paypal/Payoneer/Brank Transfer  

If your order volume is small then you need to pay in advance. But if your order volume is more than 60k words, then you will pay according to our “Priority Client Payment” policy. 

When you are ordering more than 60k words, we include your order in our priority list. At that time your payment policy will be as follow – 

  • 20% advance payment
  • 40% payment should be completed when you will get 50% of your order.
  • Remaining 40% should be paid when the last 50% is ready.

Yes. Legal contract will be signed and if we do not meet the clauses then we are bound to refund your payment.

$1 = BDT (Current Market Rate)