Law of Attraction Theory- How to Re-program Our Mind

law of attraction
law of attraction

Have you ever heard about “Brainwaves”? Do you have any idea about “the law of attraction theory”?

If you don’t then please read this article about brain waves at first, and then come back. then we will get into the law of attraction, consider brain waves as a prerequisite to the law of attraction theory.

Law of attraction Theory:

The law of attraction theory is a very confusing thing. Lots of people say about the law of attraction but a few of them pointed out the actual meaning.

The law of attraction theory says about staying positive, thinking positive and stay focused. Our Universe is made of particles and we all are running after a single particle. How? Then I have to say that you have no idea about quantum physics. You can get an idea about quantum physics from dependable sources.

law of attraction theory
the law of attraction theory

But now I can give you a general idea that quantum physics. Quantum physics says there are several layers of this universe and your future is one of them. Every layer is made of particles and even ‘time’ is made of particles. You will get a clear idea when you read quantum physics.

Furthermore, if the time/layer is made of particles then we can say that everything is made of particles. Your desired destination, your position, etc. Each and everything is made of particles according to quantum physics. As a result, staying positive and focused will help you to attract those particles. You can ask which part of the particles will be attracted. The answer is that particles will be attracted by which your destination is made of.


Sounds crazy! Don’t worry you believe it or not that’s the truth. Scientists have confirmed and there are a lot of examples. Now you may think that how is this possible?

Dude, there are a lot of things you can not see but you believe. Certainly, there were lots of situation in your life when you thought on your way and you failed. Where your friends achieved it because of having different thinking.

Our culture, our society, our circumstances programmed their own software and our mind is still running with that old software. To stay on the track with this century you must re-program your brain. If you are still running yourself with that old software then look around you.

You will find a lot of people who are successful in their life and happiness. When you are tensed, anxious and unhappy with your life.

So, how can you reprogram your mind? How can you achieve what you want?

Very simple, Just forget everything you had learned. Start learning from now. Think about what you are seeing, think what’s going around you. Stay focused on your goal, your destiny.

Now I know what you are thinking.

so, when you focus, a lot of things distract you. You can not stay focus all the time? That’s not only your problem. It’s the whole world’s problem and it’s the only single thing what is making someone successful and someone unsuccessful. I have a solution for you. Now I will tell you that how I controlled this thing.

I used to do meditation. You have no need to follow difficult mediation methods, just do what I say:

  • Find a place where no one can disturb you.
  • Take a headphone and play Waves.
  • Think that you have no tension
  • concentrate on the music
  • Think about what you want from your life.

Now why I had said so many things about brain waves. Because this product maintained frequency meter. Certain brain waves can stimulate your certain impulse release. Such if you want to sleep then you need to use Delta wave having 4 Hz frequency.

You will find different brainwave music on youtube which claims that they maintain the frequency level. But the maximum of them is rubbish. I found this package after a long search. In here all types of brain waves you can find by maintaining frequency level.

Tensed about scams? Are you thinking that you gonna waste your money?

Dude this thing is valid for only 1 year. After 1 year your brain will adjust with this frequency. Then automatically your brain will generate required impulse like your self-acting immune system.

you are not wasting money. You are investing in your future. Stay focused and stay happy.

What Sandeep Maheswary Says About The Law of Attraction

The garden of your mind is the law of attraction guided meditation. Your mind is a garden & it is the perfect foundation to spring forth life to any manifestation you choose. Whatever seeds you place in the garden of your mind is the creation that will come to be. Our seeds are planted by our conscious minds into the fertile soil of the subconscious mind. But what should be the seed is the question.

law of attraction sandeep maheshwari

If you do not put the seed in your mind and trying to imagine that the trees are growing. Then it is nothing but bullshit. It is not the real “the law of attraction”.

Let’s elaborate the factor. Suppose you put a seen on your mind that you will buy a car. Now start thinking that you are going to buy, riding blah blah blah. Think as much as you want. When you will get the car through your this bullshit thought come to me. I will give my entire property. Then? What is the law of attraction theory?

“The law of attraction theory” is strongly connected to “the law of karma” —- Sandeep Maheshwari

You want to understand the real rules or laws of attraction theory? OK, now you have to understand the law of karma properly.


The Law of Karma

The principle of karma or “law of karma” is the notion that all of life is governed by a system of cause and effect, action and reaction, in which your deeds have corresponding effects on the future. Karma is a precise science.

law of karma
law of karma

Some years ago whereas staying at the ashram of the Indian saint, Ramana Maharshi. This was close at the foot of the forest lined mountain of Arunachala. I browse the nice sage’s sacred words, carven higher than a doorway.

“Whatever is destined to not happen won’t happen, attempt as you will. No matter is destined to happen can happen. Do what you will to stop it. This can be sure that the most effective course, therefore is to stay silent.”

His words are a key to fate and destiny. As somebody UN agency would attempt to build things happen, forcing outcomes and UN agency struggled with surrender. These words were like magic. I’ve got near forgotten them and that I suppose reading this knowledge. Whereas steeped within the stillness that the nice saint’s presence has imprinted on the realm he lived, helped the words to land deeply in my soul.

The law of karma is the basement of The law of attraction theory.

On a private level

The words Pine Tree Staten lots to me as I will directly see. However, fate compact the course of my life terribly too soon. As a baby, I used to be given up for adoption.  It forever gives the impression to Pine Tree State that my life at that time was sort of a watercourse with multiple tributaries branching go into totally different directions. Looking at the lottery of which folks took Pine Tree State home with them. And really, it’s a small amount like that for all people. We have a tendency to are born into sure circumstances, cultures place on earth, wealth or financial condition. With specific genetic science, abilities, and disadvantages. We have a tendency to don’t have any management over these circumstances… or do we?

Nothing raises additional queries, or is additional misunderstood than the notion of fate. Fate may be a sacred text Science, with roots in the Republic of India. And maybe central teaching of the many religious traditions together with Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikkhism, Taoism and Jainism.

law of karma vs law of attraction

The Wheel of Fate

The wheel of fate is that the concept that everything in our life takes place. Thanks to past actions which gift actions have an effect on future lifetimes. Fate is coupled to rebirth. Every and each action we have a tendency to soak up life ripples out from U.S. sort of a stone striking the water. The ripples have many effects on others and can flow back to the U.S. at some purpose within the future. The fruit of our previous actions is like echoes. They can’t be at large. Fate is elaborately coupled to the relation. Once you become acutely aware and access the upper stages of awakening and enlightenment. Becoming not known with the “self”, then you’ll be able to step off the karmic wheel of life. That endless cycle of rebirth and your personal fate goes. This can be the aim of religious observance. This is also related to The law of attraction theory.

It is a universal law, within the same method that gravity may be a law of nature. If you get down a building, you’ll terribly probably die, and if you hurt somebody. You’ll be hurt at some purpose. Science has discovered that everything in nature obeys laws. These natural laws are impartial and indiscriminate.

science of law of karma

The law of fate states that as you sow shall you reap but 100 times over.

The ball striking the wall should rebind. Every single action we have a tendency to take is sort of a very little seed we have a tendency to plant. The seed can eventually grow. Even as in nature, some seeds flourish additional quickly than others. Some seeds can ripen quick, et al might take decades or lifetimes. But, one factor is definite, the seed can ripen and that we can need to face the results of our actions. Your world is a thousandth the results of your previous actions, words, and thoughts.

The consequence or effects of one’s fate are often delineated in 2 forms: phalas and samskaras. A phala (fruit or result) is that the visible or invisible result that’s sometimes immediate or at intervals the present life. In distinction, samskaras are invisible effects, made within the person, due to the fate, remodeling and poignant his or her ability to be happy or sad during this life and future ones. During this method, fate may be a principle of scientific discipline and habit. Karmic habits or seeds, produce the character of humans. Influencing your self-perception and so your life expertise.

The Science of Karma

The science of fate is any difficult by totally different levels of fate. We have got a personal fate, family and ancestral fate, social fate, national fate and then on. All of those levels of fate move with one another.

In Hindooism and teachings about what is yoga, there are 3 styles of fate:

  • Prarabdha fate – karma tough throughout the current period.
  • Sancita fate – the shop of fate that has not nevertheless reached fruition.
  • And Agami fate – fate planted within the gift life which will come back to fruition during a future life.

Karma works through a method of assorted rebirths. Smart or unhealthy actions produce impressions (samskaras) or tendencies (vasanas) within the mind, that in time can end in additional action and fate. The seeds of fate are carried within the delicate body, or energy body, within which the soul transmigrates. The build is that the field within which the fruit of fate is tough and wherever we have a tendency to produce additional fate. Perhaps the hell that a lot of religions speak of is solely the intolerable and painful things we have a tendency to produce for ourselves by our past unhealthy actions. So the law of karma redirects to The law of attraction theory.

Why do aid things happen to “bad” individuals and unhealthy things happen to “good” people?

Karma may be a method of explaining misfortune within the world. For people who don’t seem to be it. Might their misfortune flow from to wrong actions in their previous life? Through this lens, we will perceive why one person during an automobile accident survives and every one the opposite passengers don’t.

There was a story a few mother UN agency was breastfeeding her baby throughout associate earthquake once a pillar folded, killing her. Yet, her little baby survived and was discovered unhurt within the portion, lying at her breast. There’s no logical rationalization for this event and other people drive themselves crazy attempting to grasp why sure things happen the method they are doing. Understanding fate will facilitate to finish this mental torture. Fate is additionally how to clarify things like kid prodigies. UN agencies are exceptional artists or musicians at a young age, with very little to no coaching.

happiness of life

The real that means of fate

If you actually perceive fate, most will fall away. Repetitive negative thoughts concerning your life slip after you realize that you just have fully created and caused EVERYTHING that’s happening to you straight away. At some purpose in your life, you selected it, by your actions. This can be terribly serious on the one hand, and yet, are often equally liberating. It means that you’ve got the facility of a positive response, irrespective of what true. It’s not concerning blaming yourself, or others. Neither is it concerning casting judgment once somebody is sick, or has one thing unhealthy happen to them. Fate can be replaced by the law of karma which will redirect you to the law of attraction theory.

It’s an additional sort of humility, associate understanding that maybe you’ve got hurt some other person. Maybe you’ve got betrayed another, or taken one thing from some other person, during a forgotten time. Understanding fate is concerning gap your heart to larger compassion and kindness, for yourself et al. I attempt to inform myself, once somebody betrays Pine Tree State, that it’s massively doable that I’ve got betrayed them within the past. And so, rather than reacting angrily, it’d be higher to pander to my very own hurt, contemplate true deeply before responding, and not produce any unhealthy fate for myself. this can be in no method endorsing being weak, or not standing up for yourself. It’s concerning being aware. I feel this can be what Ramana is speaking concerning once he says it’s best to stay silent!

Understanding Fate Maybe a Key to Living Well

You’ll be able to use the laws of fate to form success in your life. As an example, if you wish to be an undefeated businessperson, then genuinely facilitate others to become entrepreneurs. This may produce positive fate for you, and sow the seeds for the opportunities you’re making for others, to arise for you. If you wish to heal one thing in your own life, facilitate others to heal. The law of fate is concerning selection. We have already discussed how fate will direct you to the law of attraction theory.

Sometimes we have a tendency to can’t manage what’s happening in our world. However, we will fully manage but we have a tendency to reply to what’s happening. This can be massively difficult once within the heat of an associate argument, or once you’ve been rejected or wronged. But, if we will stop and remember therein moment and respond showing wisdom. We will terribly probably save ourselves from the endless cycle of hurt and loss. Whether or not you suspect in fate or not, it’s poignant you and therefore the principles will facilitate your life an improved life.

law of attraction vs law of karma

Some useful practices

Beyond smart fate, there’s akarma, pious service, that brings the final word freedom from the karmic web. Some practices which will support the flexibility to balance fate, and notice inner peace, are affectioned Kindness Meditation or Metta. Therefore the Buddhist observe of Tonglen.

In affectioned Kindness Meditation, you open your heart to send prayers and smart needs out for all beings. Starting with yourself you’ll be able to pray: might I be, might I be happy, might I be asleep. Then you progress onto friends and members of the family, repetition the phrases. Whereas visualizing your treasured ones. Finally, you progress onto somebody you’re having difficulties with, bring them into your mind and repeat the sincere prayers that they are, happy and asleep. You’ll be able to additionally use affectioned Kindness Meditation to hope for teams of individuals, animals, or the full world.


Tonglen may be an additional advanced observe and is additionally known as giving and receiving because it may be a observe of inhaling suffering and breath peace or healing. Returning to a thoughtful house, you connect along with your feelings, inhaling any concern, agitation, resistance, acceptive what’s there for you. With kindness, then take a breath of compassion and healing for yourself or all beings. Tonglen is employed to require on and transmute the suffering of others. Therefore as an example, you’ll inhale the suffering of refugees and channelize hope, love, and peace. As you inhale and out you hold the want to require away the suffering so they want to send comfort and happiness. These practices will facilitate your open your heart, transcend the ego, and find out a broader perspective on life.

The law of karma


So usually I’ve mused over the that means of Ramana’s words, and every time my awareness cracks open a bit additional to grasp the silent emptiness his knowledge conveys. The words journey with Pine Tree State and have given Pine Tree State nice comfort, saved Pine Tree State numberless hours of worry and brought deep peace. His wise words don’t seem to be a decision to inaction. On the contrary, they’re a decision to inner action, to rumination, and acceptance. within the stillness, we have a tendency to unravel the past. While not making additional drama for ourselves within the future. We have a tendency to discover our heart and therefore that means of life, that is to assist others and love each other. Moreover, at the end of the day, the law of karma is everything which will give you the ultimate result. Now it’s your own matter that, will you consider it as the law of karma or as the law of attraction theory.

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