Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki Daily Routine

You and I can not imagine a day without YouTube. Do you know why?

Because YouTube gave us the power to control the entertainment world.

Interview of The CEO of YouTube

CEO Susan Wojcicki of Youtube interviewed to the journal “The wall street.” Here goes the full discussion of Susan Wojcicki-

She has been asked, is she morning person or night owl?

-She answered the night owl.

Coffee drinker or tea fan?

-Coffee drinker.

What’s the primary activity you do after getting up in the morning?

-Rollover or see over if I can sleep longer.

What’s the other app you like on your smartphone except youtube?

-Waze as it gets her quickly in places efficiently.

In terms of the memes keyboard cat or sneezing panda?

– Probably keyboard cat.

How often do you skip the ad?

– I probably like watching the ads, and I think It’s essential for me to see the ads, maybe every other time.

Would you hire someone who mispronounced your last name?

-Yes, since otherwise, I probably won’t be able to hire anyone since everyone mispronounced is my name.

Describe your management style in one word.


How do you run a meeting?

-I like to have a clear plan to know what we are trying to get done and get it done as quickly as viable and go on.

Who has been the most considerable influence on you?

-Probably my mom and dad as my dad he is the professor of physics and so he is very analytical and functional at systematically approaching problems and then my mom because she is always up for fun and doing something a little crazy and a little bit untraditional. So, I think I have both sides to me.

You say you and your husband often make it home for dinner with your kids. So, how do you?

-I try to prioritize my time in the office and focus on what’s most essential and get that done as quickly as possible, and then I usually close my workplace at a sensible time like 6:00 pm and have no email from 6.00 to 9:00 which is hard to do. Still, I work hard to do that and also try to focus on kids and family and then in the evening after they have all gone to bed. Then I will recheck email and see what happened during those three hours.

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