11 Exercises That Build Muscle Without Bulk

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Bodybuilding and muscle toning are two different issues. Many people especially women are too much concern about this issue. Women want to make their muscle toned but do not want to bulk up. But men want to build or bulk up their muscles. But it is possible to build muscle and tone it up at the same time. Basically toning up muscles means losing the fat from the muscles and building solid or lean muscle. There are two types of men body we usually observe.

— Heavy body/Bulked up the body 

— Lean body/Lean muscle mass

1. Cardio Exercise:

Cardio exercises are the most important exercise to lose body fat. Though it’s proven than weight lifting is also useful to burn fat. Cardio can be several types. If we specifically look into the definition then it says “Any exercise that increases heart rate up to 50% or more than 50% is called cardio”. Running, Jogging, swimming, cycling, sprinting etc. are the types of cardio exercise. Cardio exercises mainly use glycogen to produce energy in different ways. Contact your doctor or pharmacist to know the maximum amount of your capacity. Burn your excess fat to get sexy.  Without consultation from a doctor or pharmacist or a professional fitness trainer, it’s very dangerous to do cardio exercises for weight loss.

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2. Lift Heavy:

Lifting heavy weights is one of the methods of building toned muscles. But lifting with moderate speed is the perfect lifting style to improve acceleration and power development. Accommodating resistance (e.g., bands and chains) can be applied to further challenge your ability to accelerate the load. Obvious explosive exercises that should come to mind are the Olympic lifts (e.g., clean & jerk and the snatch). However, medicine ball throws and kettlebell swings also fit into this category as well.

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3. Anti-Gravity Workout:

Anti-gravity workout means pulling/pushing any heavyweights against the center of gravitational force. Jumping, high knees are the most useful examples of anti-gravity workout. Deadlifting can be also included in this section. Pull-ups are the most perfect example of the benefit of the anti-gravitational workout. Using your body’s maximum strength to overcome weight & gravitational force.

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4. Stretching:

Stretching is a very important activity before exercise for both male and female. Throughout the day our muscle stays in a normal stage. When we are ready to exercise than our body secrets different kinds of the hormone. Stretching can make our lymph flexible more thus the hormones can be transported easily. On the other hand, during the workout, our muscle breaks down. At the rest period, it gets protein to grow. Without stretching the micro tears of muscle be more fatigue and pain. Stretching is nothing but making muscles ready to grow.

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5. Moderate Rest Period:

Most of the fitness freak do not consider rest as an important part of muscle building. But professionals and those who are in this field for a long period of time consider it as the most important part of the bodybuilding process. If a person does the workout for 1 hour continuously then most of the target muscles will lose their stored glycogen. When stored glycogen are finished body will start to tap in fat storage. In this borderline, the muscle tearing occurs. If a person do not take enough rest then muscle cannot be repaired properly. If muscles cannot be repaired then muscle growth will not occur.

6. High Intensity Interval Training [HIIT]:

High intensity interval training meaning pushing your heart beat above 50%. A human by design can tolerate the maximum 95% more heart beat speed than its normal level. The capacity of a human depends on his/her age, sex, weight & life style. The amount of cholesterol in the blood is also related. Sprinting is one of the best example of HIIT. At the time of sprinting, you normally can breathe up to a certain time. After that, your breathing be stopped. When you are running fast and breathing you mitochondria takes oxygen and combines with glycogen to produce intense energy. But when you are pushing yourself so heard that you stopped your breathing then your body uses fat deposits and breaks it down into triglycerides. These triglycerides now will produce energy. After a 10 min of HIIT, the amount of triglyceride and fatty acids in your blood increases magnificently. Moreover, your body starts or ready to burn fat after HIIT but no significant amount of fat burning occurs at that time.

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7. Low Intensity steady state [LISS]:

Low intensity steady state training is the main fat burning exercise. Your blood after a HIIT is enriched with triglycerides and fatty acids which can be used to produce a moderate amount of energy. LISS do the main fat burning. After a 10 min HIIT if you do 30 min LISS then all of the triglycerides and fatty acids will be burned. Basically, you broke down a certain amount of fat (X gm) during HIIT which be converted into triglyceride & fatty acids. The amount of triglycerides & fatty acids now present in your blood is (X gm). When you starts LISS then this X gm fat starts to burn. After 30 min of LISS if your amount of triglycerides & fatty acids burned is Y gm then you can say that you lose X gm of fats. Because we have seen that X gm solid fat = Y gm triglycerides & fatty acids. Moreover, we can say that LISS is the main fat burning process not HIIT.

8. Rhythmic Breathing:

Breathing during exercise is one of the major factor to lose an excess amount of fats. Improper breathing causes muscle dissolution rather than fat burning. Your often see professionals are so much concerned about breathing frequency during exercise. Rhythmic breathing during and after exercise give a certain amount of oxygen supply to mitochondria of cells. Mitochondria uses this oxygen molecules to produce energy. Glucose molecules and oxygen molecules get attached to each other in the mitochondria and help the muscle to work. Moreover, rhythmic breathing gives your muscle some extra potential to work harder and to grow.

9. ABS Training:

Probably you have heard a lot that ABS crunches cannot reduce fat. That’s true but ABS training helps you grow ABS muscles. Upper ABS, middle ABS, Lower ABS & obliques are the most toned parts among all muscle groups. If you want to have a tone body shape then you must work on your ABS muscle groups.

10. Controlled Diet Plan:

Put it in your dipper mind that ‘without having a controlled diet plan you cannot achieve toned muscle’. Uncontrolled diet plan may works sometimes in the bulking process but cutting and toning of muscles cannot be achieved without a moderate diet chart. You can take help from a professional fitness trainer to get a controlled diet plan but it’s better to consult with a doctor or pharmacist to get your diet plan. Professional pharmacist are the most preferable option in this sector. It is highly recommended if you can be under the surveillance of a professional fitness trainer and a pharmacist during your weight loss process. There are several gyms and pharmacist but both of them cannot be coordinated at the same place. De Moz Weight Loss wing is the only one organization who have professional A grade pharmacists and professional fitness trainers together. Fitness trainer is under the surveillance of a pharmacist. Overall controlled diet plan is essential to achieve an amazing body shape.

11. Increase Water Intake:

If you want to reduce the amount of fat and increase the visibility of your muscles then you have no other options but increasing your water intake. A moderate number of water intake can give you vascular visibility as well as a good health. Too much water intake is again harmful for health. How much water should you intake will depend on your body type, age, sex & weight. Also, the excess amount of water intake can lead you to water storage in adipose tissues. You may notice that after joining the gym immediately you lose some weight and then your weight loss process declines. It is because your adipose tissues stored a lot of water and due to sweating suddenly you lose a huge amount of weight. To maintain your water intake and diet plan you should consult a pharmacist or a doctor.







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