The Tech School- Shams Jaber Said No to Traditional Education System

shams zaber
shams zaber

He is someone who wants to be recognized for his work, rather than his physical
appearance or family.

He wanted to be his own person, make it on his own. And he
did it! People now know Shams Jaber as a co-founder of the popular Tech
Academy and its activities.

This institution, formerly known as Tech school, is the
first, one of its kind in Bangladesh which has given students the chance to study
engineering and develop their own products with the help of the instructors.
After being born and raised in Dhaka, this entrepreneur attended his schooling in

Very soon the theory based education system of Bangladesh seemed boring
to him and he thought it would be of no use if students do not get to practice the
things they learn and interact about them.

So he dropped out of school and got on with Tech Academy. Mr. Jaber wanted
students to have the privilege of learning things practically rather than just reading
the theories. He wanted to give students the opportunity to practice, ask questions,
interact freely with the instructors and make their own things.

With this motive, he started Tech Academy where students could have all those
opportunities. He thought of children especially as at an early age, we tend to be
interested to learn more and our brain catches things faster. He wanted to develop
skills like problem analysis, critical thinking, and time management, etc among
children from an early age.

Moreover, the young generation is getting more and
more familiar with devices and getting access to them is now easier than ever. Mr.
Jaber used that to his advantage so that children could have a platform to learn. He,
along with Neloy Anik, started the journey of Tech Academy with this motive.

So far Tech Academy consists of two sections where the institution teaches stuff to
the students via fun, interactive lessons, and the other part is the firm.

The firm develops and sells its products and services to other companies. This has been
going on since 2015. One branch of this school is situated in Notun Bazar, Dhaka
and the other one, in Bandarban, was built keeping the Mro tribal children outside
Chittagong in mind. There are more than 40 students in the Banani branch where
students attend interactive classes. There are branches where poor, underprivileged
students can study free of cost. With the collaboration and support of other
companies, this school has been doing a great job in spreading its light among the
students and pushing them to be more innovative.

The students here are encouraged highly to think beyond the box, to build up their
own projects. For instance, two of the students aged fourteen and eighteen built
hardware interactive game with the help of their teachers which was sold to IFAD
Multi Products Ltd. Tech Academy is developing more and more, spreading its
wings and helping a lot of students who would prefer a practical learning process
to follow the conventional method.

Jaber Ahmed does not want to stop here. He wants to keep going on to achieve his
dream of rebuilding our education system, making it more practical and innovative.
He is a global shaper and plans to reach more students with his projects and help
them build their future. He not only challenges the conventional education system
but also works to make it better.



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