The Journey of Sabila Enun- An Inspiring Women

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sabila enun

Whoever had said ‘technology and women do not mix’ was dead wrong! Till this
21st century, people have seen so many amazing evidence of this. This article
presents the journey of Sabila Enun, a successful tech entrepreneur, not as an
evidence to prove that point, but as an inspiration to all the young entrepreneurs
out there.
It is said that behind every successful and independent woman there lays a set of
parents who believed in her rather than the society. Sabila was lucky enough to
have such parents who believed in providing her freedom to do as she wanted
given that she earns that freedom. Boy, did she earn it! Being fiercely independent
since her childhood, she used her freedom in the best way possible to achieve her
dream of being recognized for her work.
What’s so amazing about Sabila’s journey is that she has never experienced
unemployment from her second year of university life. She was a student in
Southeast University where she along with her friends, was one of the co-founders
of the computer club which is now very active and organizing events routinely. But
Sabila did not stop there. She joined as a part-timer Cellbazaar with the Quality
Assurance Team. With the mission to excel herself, she took part in many
organizations such as Imagine Graphics where she worked as a java developer,
Bangladesh Open Source Network as one of the core members and so on. She used
her university life as an opportunity to expand her horizons and develop herself.
She viewed real-life experiences with more importance than monotonous, theory-based classes.

At times she even missed classes because of her engagement in
workplaces. Even when her grades suffered, she made sure she had been
productive enough to make up for it. Later on, Sabila’s eventful university life
ended with her internship under the Business Support & Service Management
Division in GrameenPhone.

In the following years, she was involved as a Senior Sector Specialist in Brac for two
years where she brought about some major contributions such as TAB based smart
classroom in BRAC primary schools, interactive multimedia digital content for
primary schools, interactive multimedia digital content for primary schools web
portal and many others. But she wanted to do more. Sure, she had a comfortable,
a secure job which meant getting a certain salary at the end of every month, but her
hunger for making more and more of her own motivated her to create her very own
masterpiece, DCastalia. Her dream of making it on her own terms helped her to go
through all the hurdles a woman has to face when starting her own business.
Now, DCastalia, has been one of the leading companies in the web solutions
industry since its establishment in 2008. It has been serving clients from all over
the world and specializes in what Sabila does best: developing and supporting the
simplest to the most complicated websites, apps, and customized software. The
tagline of DCastalia states the goal Sabila Enun has followed through her entire
professional life; inspiring to reinvent oneself every day.
Sabila Enun has set a bar of excellence for the young generation to follow through.
According to her, the key to success is passion combining with just the right
amount of focus! On top of that, networking with the right crowd never goes

Author: Yaseen Tasfia




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