Tasnims Group is Tying Knot with Mehedi Group

Mehedi Group-Tasnims Group Collaboration


Chief Executive Officer of “Mehedi Group” Mr. Mehedi Hasan Pulok said that “Tasnims Group” showed interest to tie a knot with them on different projects. Today on the official launching ceremony of “Mehedi Furniture” the CEO of “Mehedi Group” confirmed the news.

Also, the CEO of “Tasnims Group” Md. Habibul Islam Safin said that they are very much interested to collaborate with “Mehedi Group”.

Countries A list businessmen along with political leaders and media celebrities were present in the launching ceremony. Our sources confirmed that the companies did not sign any official agreement yet, but they will do in the near future.

Both of the CEO wants to grow their presence on the international market and this agreement can bring a new era in Bangladesh’s economy.


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