Taslima Miji- CEO Techmania Bangladesh

taslima miji ceo techmania
taslima miji ceo techmania

There used to be a time when men would advise women while working on the
technology part, sometimes those responsibilities would be handled by men in
particular. That phase has passed. Now women are getting more and more involved
in everything there is to work with and explore. Taslima Mjii, the founder and
CEO of Techmania, is a refreshing example of that.

We Are Getting More And More Familiar With Technology!

Ms. Miji has always been an extrovert and determined person regardless of the
stereotypes of how women should be. She is a person with a definite aim and does
not put her goals to rest till she gets what she wants. She has always been very
outspoken and was part of protests even when she was in school. She completed
her degree in sociology from the University of Dhaka and started her career as a
journalist. She pursued this profession because of her dream of making it big as a
reporter and writer. She began by writing for many Bengali newspapers and very
soon she found herself writing as a regular. From the year 2001 to 2007, she was a
staff correspondent in many print Media.

However, it became hard to keep writing
after the birth of her child. When working as a freelance writer, joining a television
channel did not work out, she decided to start her very own Techmania. An
organization that provides services to problems related to hardware and software.
The organization, situated in Dhaka has come a long way since its inception in
2008. It provides services to IT and hardware problems such as assembly of
computers troubleshoot problems etc. It’s basically a solution company with an aim
to provide cost-effective ways of managing websites and strategy development. It
has experienced several evolving whereas the latest version provides advanced
web solutions to businesses at an affordable price so that all kinds of businesses no
matter how big or small can afford its services. An efficient team of experts is
constantly working towards making it better every day.

Although it has been hard for Ms. Miji to make her place in the corporate world,
she has always welcomed and then overcame all the hurdles that came in her way.
Ever since she has started her own startup, she has never felt the need to look back.
She believes a woman with a dream can pursue it if she stays focused on her
passion and just keeps going on.
Ms. Miji is definitely an inspiration to all the women out there.

Article – Yaseen Tasfia


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