Samira Zuberi Himika- She is anything but traditional

Who says you need to do everything traditionally? Sometimes, in life, being
traditional feels overrated and you should do what you love the most! That’s just
what Samira Zuberi Himika did!

Growing up in a family of doers, since childhood Samira Zuberi Himika has been
doing productive things on her own terms, always pushing herself out of the
comfort zone. She had been brought up in an environment which highly
encouraged on doing things for the society one lives in, not for oneself.
Whenever she got the chance, Ms. Himika had involved herself in so many societal
programs with the aim to contribute things to the cultural community, society in

Everything she does, she makes sure it does not lack one factor: creativity.
The entrepreneur’s journey certainly did not start as her being one. Although she
was born in Chittagong and raised in Dhaka, her origin lies in Chokoria, Cox’s
Bazaar. She received all her schooling in Dhaka. After achieving brilliant results in
SSC and HSC, in the year 2000, Himika got admitted at Dhaka University at
Finance department. Being passionate about communication, music, and art,
Himika did not find finance interesting enough to keep pursuing. She loved the
creativity of art and music, had a passion for working and collaborating with
people, not the numbers finance offered.

As a result, she grew weary of it and
dropped out of Dhaka University to pursue her passion. It was a hard decision;
dropping out and starting over. But she did it anyway.

After shifting to Independent University Bangladesh (IUB), she found the place to
follow her passion. She studied subjects she loved and then after graduation, she
joined UNDP. Himika completed her Master Degree from Development studies
while working in UNDP. Later on, for six years, she worked in many development
organizations, NGOs. She even became the Deputy Head of BBC World Service
Trust, Bangladesh before she decided to go for her own start-up which led to the launch of team engine; which aims to support the govt. agencies, policymakers, individuals, and private sectors by letting them know about one another’s work and
bring about greatness together.

It connects the sectors who are working towards the
greater good and launches campaigns. Starting from the year 2010, the team engine
has been providing many people and agencies the opportunity to showcase their
greatness and talent.

This social enterprise is not a nonprofit company; rather it’s a
for-profit one promising to inspire talented individuals toward pushing themselves
and be productive; whilst transforming Bangladesh to a more developed,
a successful nation. It’s needless to say that Ms. Himika has taken a great initiative
by starting her very own masterpiece; which is now a source of employment for
both full and part-timers.

Ms. Himika has come a long way from her built up a career to her very own startup
which is really inspiring. Now when she looks back, she cannot help but be proud
that she had chosen the path she wanted to go with rather than the one she was
expected to follow. She believes that any brilliant idea can be implanted with the
right amount of passion and hard work along with the right people.

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