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Sterilization: Types, Methods, Applications

Sterilization is a process of removing microorganisms from products, packaging materials, equipment, and machines. Types of Sterilization Heat Sterilization Radiation Sterilization Filtration Heat Sterilization There are two types...
hospital pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy: Counselling and Medicine

Each and every day millions of people in Bangladesh purchase medicine/drugs from different local medicine shop/pharmacy without a valid prescription. The implementation of "hospital...
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients database

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients-(API) 2020

ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENTS (API) 2020 Definition Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients is the term used to allude to the organically active part of a medication product (for example tablet,...
clinical trial phases & overview

Clinical Trial – Phases & overview Updated 2020

A new product to be launched into the market concerning human health isn’t offered to the public as soon as they are invented. They...

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10 Best Matte Lipstick Brand 2020

The life of a man is incomplete without the presence of women. The first woman in a man's life is his mother, the second...
Effect of Music on mental and physical health

Effect of Music on Mental and Physical Health Updated 2020

In the twenty-first century, our life may be simpler by technology but lifestyle modifications can assume especially great importance in individuals with serious mental...

Journey of English Literature From Anglo-Saxon to Post Modern

Special Titles of Famous English Writers Bard of Avon– William Shakespeare Father of English Novel– Henry Fielding Father of English Poetry/Poem– Geoffery Chaucer Father...