North South University – Where the seeds of unprecedented success sprout

Hussain Elius & Habibul Safin NSU

If we hear about the successful start-up or business personnel then we assume that definitely, they are some extraordinary college dropouts. If not, then for sure they belong to the most precious business institutes of the world like HBS, MIT, Oxford and so on. But Silicon Valley is no longer the only one zone for successful entrepreneurs anymore. Giants of Asia like China & India are rising rapidly with their talented manpower. In most of the cases, developing countries do have more entrepreneurship activities than developed countries.

North South University Business Tycoons


If you are a cricket fan then you should know about the Sakib-Al-Hasan. If you are a political person then you may know the Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. As a historical person, you may know about the shortest war (India-Pakistan war 1971) in the world. If you are a person belongs to the business world then you must hear the name Dr. Mohammad Yunus, Prince Musa Bin Shamsher, Mr. Salman F Rahman, Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, Mr. Nurul Islam Babul, Mr. Habibul Islam Safin, Mr. Hussain M Elius and so on.

A country named Bangladesh shows the most stable economic growth in the past 15 years. Ready-made garments, Leather & Leather Goods, Pharmaceuticals and other Chemical Products, Ceramic Products, Bicycles, Jute and Jute Goods, IT, Agricultural Products, Frozen Food are the most popular export items of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Economic Hike Export Business
Chittagong Port Bangladesh

The most popular and precious educational institutes of Bangladesh according to IDP world ranking has been given below.

  1. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
  2. Dhaka University
  3. Rajshahi University
  4. Jahangirnagar University
  5. Bangladesh Agricultural University
  6. Shahjalal University of Science & Technology
  7. North South University Bangladesh
  8. BRAC University
  9. Khulna University of Engineering & Technology
  10. Independent University of Bangladesh

North South University

North South University had achieved the number one rank according to the latest private university ranking of Bangladesh. But if we consider the success rate of start-ups or efficient business strategy makers or entrepreneurs then North South University is unbeatable by the other universities of Bangladesh.

Business Giants of NSU

North South University, Where the seeds of unprecedented success sprout. North South University is the sprouting point of many successful entrepreneurs. But this university has been titled as the place of the seeds of unprecedented success sprout because of the CEO of PATHAO MR. Hussain M Elius and the CEO of TASNIMS GROUP Mr. Habibul Islam Safin.

PATHAO CEO has been enlisted as the FORBES 30 under 30 entrepreneurs with a return of $1 Billion. Though the net worth of the TASNIMS GROUP is near about $10 Billion, only FORBES enlisted PATHAO because it was a start-up.

Hussain Elius & Habibul Safin NSU

Both of these two CEO have been graduated from North South University. Mr. Hussain M Elius have been graduated from the Business administration department and also completed his MBA from North South University in 2015. On the other side, Mr. Habibul Islam Safin has been graduated from the Pharmaceutical Sciences department this year 2019 and he has started his masters already with NSU Pharmacy.

This is not a matter of surprise but its a matter of query that, how a pharmacy undergraduate student builds this giant multinational company within 10 years? These two extraordinary people enlighten the face of North South University. In conclusion, everyone will accept that, North South University Bangladesh is a place where the seeds of the future leaders of Bangladesh’s economy is sprouting.

Probably when we are writing this report then some other students of North South University is building something and soon he/she will establish their names beside their idols. This place is the birthplace of Bangladesh’s next busyness tycoons and economy.





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