Minhaj Chowdhury- Converted Crisis into Opportunity

It’s no secret that people of Bangladesh along with so many countries suffer from
water-borne diseases, all of which comes from the lack of pure water to drink, bathe
with or use it for other purposes. For many years, people have suffered so much
from something that is one of the basic needs for us to survive. There have been
many cases where the world has seen many people tolerate and then die a painful
death due to arsenic contamination. The suffering people have wondered for many
years if this was all they would get.

What if there were a way to make things better? What if the world could be saved
from this unfortunate situation? That’s just what Minhaj Chowdhury did when he
came up with his social enterprise Drinkwell.

Mr. Chowdhury aimed to solve this water crisis by blending novel water purification technology with a micro-franchise business model. As the co-founder of Drinkwell, he has already benefitted thousands of rural areas by providing a time and cost-effective way to
gain access to clean and pure groundwater.

Mr. Chowdhury has spent his childhood in the USA with a family of entrepreneurs.
Ever since little, he has been exposed to the entrepreneurship environment, which
eventually encouraged him to be self-sufficient. Even during his stay in the United
States, he used to spend his summers here in Bangladesh, where he first saw the life
of poor people up close. He had seen and empathized with the way poor people
suffered just to make ends meet. What struck him the most is how many people did
not have any access to something as basic as clean water. Being a public health
major, he had gone through case studies where he got an idea of the percentage of
people suffering from the water crisis. He initiated his first project Clean Water for
Peace Project when he was a sophomore.

To start with, it distributed clean filters among people near Mr. Chowdhury’s paternal village. After being done with his undergrad, he realized he wanted to come back to Bangladesh and serve the people who needed it the most. Back in 2012, he came back with the aim to scale the project as a Fulbright Scholar. He even collected funding from his family members when the project ran out of funding. Later on, he started working with Dr. Arup SenGupta, and thus he co-founded Drinkwell in 2013.

Drinkwell aims to put an end to the water crisis, which has led to the death of
thousands of people. Beginning with Bangladesh and India, it has served people
with clean water with its water filtration technology that is smart, easily usable, and
regenerable for rural people. This system has given rural poor people a way to gain
access to clean water which they deserve.

Mr. Chowdhury has done so much for the people with his societal project. He,
along with his amazing team, are working every day to make these people’s lives
easier. It’s needless to say that he has got their best wishes and blessings with him.
The world is definitely waiting to see what he does next!

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