Microsoft Earned $110.4 Billion Dollar Revenue in 2018


Microsoft is one of the leading companies for the mobile which is founded in 1975 and their mission is to empower every person and every organization on the world to achieve more. From all around the world; such as enterprises customers in every industry from leading brands as Coca-Cola Company and Chevron Corporation to ZF Group, a car parts manufacturer in Germany are using Microsoft technology to build their own digital capability so they can thrive in a world where every company is a software company.

Microsoft outlook

Such as Walmart which is the world’s largest company by revenue, and its biggest private employer chooses Azure and Microsoft 365 to fuel its digital transformation, transforming the shopping experience for customers and empowering their more than 2 million associates to do their best work.


Microsoft also creates a platform where broad surplus everywhere such as, a farmer who is able to apply precision agriculture to conserve resources and increase yields, to the hospital that is able to lower the cost of healthcare and improve patient outcomes, to the largest companies of the world and also reaching new customers in new markets.


In 2018, Microsoft gained $110.4 billion in revenue and $35.1 billion in operating income and returned $21.5 billion to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases. Microsoft’s commercial cloud business delivered more than $23 billion in revenue, exceeding the ambitious goal they had set to achieve $20 billion in annual commercial cloud revenue by the end of fiscal 2018, nine months ahead of schedule. Moreover, Microsoft expanded its commercial cloud gross margin to 57 percent, up 7 points year-over-year.


According to June 30, 2018, they appointed approximately 131,000 people on a full-time basis, 78,000 in the U.S. and 53,000 internationally. The total employed people, 42,000 were in operations, including manufacturing, distribution, product support, and consulting services; 42,000 were in product research and development; 36,000 were in sales and marketing; and 11,000 were in general and administration.



Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar business. Microsoft 365 gives customers a path to the cloud and broadens their reach with new and under-penetrated markets from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses to more than 2 billion first-line workers. More than 135 million people use Microsoft Office 365 commercial every month, and Outlook Mobile is helping people be productive and stay secure on more than 100 million iOS and Android devices worldwide with AI-infused experiences they use every day.


Also, Microsoft Teams rapidly became the hub for teamwork and is being used by more than 300,000 organizations of all sizes, including 87 of the Fortune 100. Recently it shows that; Windows 10 is now active on nearly 700 million devices around the world.

  • It develops and supports software, services, devices, and solutions that deliver outstanding value for customers and help people and businesses realize their full potential.
  • Its products include operating systems, cross-device productivity applications, server applications, business solution applications, desktop and server management tools, software development tools, and video games.
  • They also design, manufacture, and sell devices, including PCs, tablets, gaming and entertainment consoles, other intelligent devices, and related accessories.
  • It offers an array of services, including cloud-based solutions that provide customers with software, services, platforms, and content, in addition, solution support and consulting services.
  • Microsoft also delivers relevant online advertising to a global audience.
Microsoft Products
Microsoft Products

The Productivity and Business Processes segment of Microsoft consists of products and services in our portfolio of productivity, communication, information services, spanning a variety of devices and platforms. This segment primarily comprises:

  • Office Commercial, comprising Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams, including Office 365 subscriptions and Office licensed on-premises and related Client Access Licenses.
  • Microsoft Office Consumers, including Office 365 subscriptions and Office licensed on-premises, Office Consumer Services, including Skype,, and OneDrive.
  • LinkedIn, Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions.
  • Dynamics business solutions, Dynamics ERP on-premises, Dynamics CRM on-premises, Dynamics 365, a set of cloud-based applications across ERP and CRM.

Microsoft market and distribute their products and services through the following channels such as OEMs, direct, distributors and resellers. Their sales force performs a variety of functions, like; working directly with private companies and public sector organizations worldwide to identify and meet their technology requirements; managing OEM relationships; supporting system integrators, independent software vendors, and other partners who engage directly with their customers to perform sales, consulting, and fulfillment functions for its products and services.

Microsoft Stores
Microsoft Stores

Microsoft success is highly dependent on the ability to attract and retain qualified employees. Microsoft is a modern technology company whose mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


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