International Marketing: How to Expand Business

International marketing communication Definition

International marketing communication refers to all the communication tools international marketers use to communicate and provide information to the customers (both existing and potential). It targets to communicate with customers from different counties or cultures who may have….

  • Similar interests for the products offered by the firm
  • Favorable purchasing habits
  • Similar or high demands for the products the firm offers

If you have a business and aim to grow beyond the borders, any foreign customer who buys the exact or similar products or services you offer is your potential customer.

Marketing communications beyond the borders can get tricky at times. So it’s important to handle this sector very carefully. There are so many factors that could mess things up!

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Tools for International Marketing Communication

There are so many tools for international communication! This modern era has made things so much easier that it’s not only letting you broaden your horizons internationally but it’s also offering you effective tools to do so. The concept of the global village has spared like a fire in the business world now!

  • Advertising
  • Sales Promotion
  • Personal Selling
  • Direct Marketing


Advertising is one of the most effective and common ways to promote your brand. This process enables the brand to reach a large number of targeted audience in the shorted and quickest possible time. It can be cheap or expensive expending n your budget but it can go beyond any location and reach your targeted audience. Moreover, by advertising, you can promote your offered products or service and you can let everyone know about your brand as well.

The best part is, you can make it yourself as you like! As a company, you can make ads for your offerings or you can make one just to let everyone know/ give your existing market a reminder of your brand!

You can use Medias such as…

  • Newspaper
  • Social Media
  • Radio
  • Etc.


  • More visual effect than otters.
  • Gives you a chance to be innovative while promoting.


  • The language barrier in international marketing communication.
  • For instance, you have to use English only. But in some countries, people don’t even speak English!
  • TV channel preference of your targeted audience.

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Personal Selling

This international marketing communication tool refers to a process where sales would be made through…..

  • sales representative
  • exhaling your products in fairs or exhibition
  • Sales management.

To execute this process you will need to recruit and train your sales representatives very carefully with more time and efforts as they will be representing your brand to various places. They will need to be culturally trained as well as they will be dealing with people from various culture.


  • Low stuffing cost
  • Lower wages
  • Skilled employees can bring your brand a lot of goodwill in different countries.
  • Online interactions and transactions


  • More time and money spent on recruiting and training.
  • Changes will be needed to be made periodically if not constantly while doing business with cross cultured people.

Sales Promotion:

You can conduct this process by offering coupons, vouchers, discounts, etc. to your targeted audience. When you offer these incentives customers will tend to buy more from you and thus your revenue increases along with your brand name. The more it spreads, the more market exposure you get!

Sales promotion does not only target the customers it also targets the retailers, wholesalers’, etc. who may buy from you.


  • More revenues within a short time.
  • Trade flows go on.


  • If it’s done too many times customers do not get affected anymore. They start to take you for granted by thinking, “Another discount? That’s nothing new!”

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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is conducted by sending direct emails, using social media or other internet sources to promote and induce sales, etc.


  1. Be more Specific:

You can directly make offers to specific and your preferred customers rather than targeting a lot of people at the same time.

  1. More Personalization:

You can make your customers feel more connected to you via communicating or approaching with them directly.

  1. Cost and Time Effective:


  • Writing emails, rooting via social media is very cheap and does not require much time as well!


  1. Intrusive:

Many people may find emails related to sales or marketing anyone and they may mark you as spam.

Or even in social media, people tend to get irritated if an ad pops up in their newsfeed while scrolling.

  1. Low Response:

While direct marketing is cheap, it may not affect your targeted audience as much. As a result, people may not even see your ads or give you much importance. In that case, there will a low rate of response from people.

International Marketing Communication Issues

While doing business internationally is a big step forward for your business, there are so many things that could go wrong and harm your reputation. So you need to keep certain things in mind when doing international market communication.

  1. Website:

While doing business internationally, most of your brand people usually see is your website. So make sure it’s updated, user-friendly and informative to the end users.

Make it simple yet attractive with necessaries so that people can use to easily but also bookmark it!

  1. Social Media Profile:

Nowadays people spend time on social media more than they sound time with themselves. Be smart enough to use this to your advantage!

For instance….

  • Use Facebook, Instagram, etc. to create an official page and promote your offerings as well as your brand with it. Interact with people who ask questions about your brand.
  • Use LinkedIn to promote your brand among the professionals as well.
  1. Brochure:

Your company’s brochure represents your brand! Especially when you’re dealing with customers who do not know about your company. So make sure it’s designed accurately and attractively!

4. Catalog of your Product:

Your product catalogs should have very attractive visual representations of your product. Furthermore, make sure you provide the same quality products as the ones shown in the product catalog.

  1. Public Relations:

There are different agencies in every county who deal with the public relations of firms and customers. They arrange exhibitions, trade fair, seminars, etc. to keep people know about the firm.

Give your assigned agency very clear-cut ideas about your company and your offerings.

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International Marketing Communication: Cultural Issues

There will always be cultural issues while you are doing business internationally. One of the most common is language. It will always be a barrier unless both your representative and the customers have the same command over English. So before getting involved with a foreign client, make sure you know how much control the client has over English.

In addition, while doing business in another country, do your research and get to know about their culture as much as possible beforehand. The more you know, the more you can use that information to connect with them. Get to know about things like dress, food, norms, and values they hold before getting involved with them.

10 Models to Expand Your Business

  1. Sales outsourcing:

  • Hire 3rd party experts for the growth in sales.
  • The expertise you lack, but the 3rd party who is an expert can sell your product within your brand.

This only works when you don’t have the expertise. If one has:

  1. Sales expertise
  2. Readymade manpower
  • Readymade Model

  1. Set process
  2. Fast Expansion
  3. Maximum Penetration

And you have:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Design
  • Brand

  1. R & D

Then this model works in the expansion of the business. Ex. Bank outsources force to sell their credit cards to their customers.

  1. White Label Selling

If you are a good manufacturer but a small startup company your brand is not big then you can sell your product with the white label where a big brand will use their own brand label.

Ex.  Bigbazaar sells products under their own brand name but they are manufactured by other manufacturers.

  1. Retail chain

This has become very popular. Suppose Monte Carlo sell products under multi-branded stores and also has its own store. You can be franchise owned, company-owned and make a retail chain to come in touch with customers directly.

  1. E-Commerce

E-commerce is the fastest growing platform in the world. Through physical stores, you can sell within demographic geography. But, through e-commerce, the whole world is your playground. You can sell your product all over the world without having the manpower in between and reduce cost as eliminates distributor, wholesaler, and retailer.

  1. Automated Retail

 Here automated retail vending machines are placed at key locations to dispense the product. There is no need for human an automated machine dispense product after the input of money. It automatically shows refrigeration status, stock status, sold out the status and is cost effective.


  1. Reseller and Value-added Reseller

 Reseller often takes your product and sell it to e-commerce, as you don’t have a market. Often a reseller adds more specifications to the product and sells it at a higher price this is known as value added reseller.

  1. Wholesaler and Distributor

 By the help of wholesaler and distributor market penetration increases without cost.  Distributor enables the following:

how to expand business


  1. OEM Manufacturing

 Original equipment manufacturing- who manufacture for a piece of equipment or device for a big brand, who then integrates it in their own brand. OEM enables you to have

  1. Safe business
  2. Recurring Revenue
  • Secure

  1. Repeat Order


  1. Exports

 Bigger brands are now focusing on exports. In export, business-government serves as a helping hand.

  1. Multi-Level Marketing

 It is a chain of network representatives called with a different name. You can showcase your product to MLM companies. If the product is good they will take the product and sell it under their own brand name. This model requires no

  1. Distributor
  2. Wholesaler
  • Retailer

  1. Advertising
  2. Brand
  3. Brand Executive

At the End

To conclude, international business communication can be quite challenging! But the benefits of it surely overweigh all the trouble you go through while doing so! The experience itself helps you grow.

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