How to Write a Competitor Analysis Report

Always market is being more competitive, and sustainable businesses are becoming unstable. The expanding number of competitors are destroying the market. To avoid failure and to make the business stable, competitor analysis is one of the most critical reports.

In this report, the list of competitors and individual analysis should be discussed. To make a competitor analysis report, the following criteria should be maintained.


  • Introduction
  • Competitors List
  • Products and Sources (Primary & Secondary)
  • Pricing Policy
  • Product Quality
  • Market Share
  • Focus Money Making Model
  • Execution Strategy
  • Marketing Strategyompetitors SWOT Analysis
  • Competitors Strategy and Execution Summary (Successful/flop)
  • Conclusion

What Should be Described?

  • Introduction – Under this section, a brief about the purpose of this report and results should be discussed.
  • Competitors List – Under this section, a list of potential competitors should be discussed.
  • Products and Sources – Under this section, the source of our competitor’s products and type of products should be discussed.
  • Pricing Policy – Under this section, the pricing policy of the competitor should be discussed.
  • Product Quality – Under this section, the competitor’s product quality and related other criteria should be discussed.
  • Market Share – Under this section, the competitor’s market share data should be discussed.
  • Focus Money Making Model – Under this section,

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