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Marketing is the liver of a business. Marketing is a field of creativity & execution. If you want to be the best marketer then you have to be a Un Marinero. And only Un Marinero can make you the second Un Marinero. The bullshit books can not make you a marketer. Only can let you know the history of marketing and about the marketers.

international marketing

International Marketing: How to Expand Business

International marketing communication Definition International marketing communication refers to all the communication tools international marketers use to communicate and provide information to the customers (both...
The marketing mix-definition-example-elements-4ps-4cs

The Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix Definition The marketing mix has consisted of various tools of marketing a firm uses to run to run its business. It’s a combination...
customer loyalty programs

Customer Loyalty Program: 7 Low Cost Tips

Customer Loyalty Definition: While there are so many ways to define what customer loyalty is; every one of them has one thing in common that...

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Effect of Music on Mental and Physical Health Updated 2020

In the twenty-first century, our life may be simpler by technology but lifestyle modifications can assume especially great importance in individuals with serious mental...

Journey of English Literature From Anglo-Saxon to Post Modern

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