How Dubai Become Rich Within 20 Years

Today Dubai became a global destination, global hub, and 3rd most traveled city in the world. Twenty years back, there was nothing in Dubai that was utterly a desert. Dubai didn’t have its food, water, mineral, or even gold.

Visionary Leader of Dubai

Let’s start with his highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum; he is the ruler, prime minister, and visionary leader of Dubai, while ordinary people plan for their weekends this extraordinary man plan for the next ten years. Many people think that Dubai’s economy changes because of oil, but only 1% of Dubai’s GDP comes from oil.

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum- UAE Prime Minister
Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum- UAE Prime Minister

Dubai shifts its economy from oil-based to tourism-based and now financial hub. Now we can say the royal highness of Dubai Sheikh Maktoum has an allergy to average; he doesn’t like anything average.

Dubai’s Allergy To Average

Dubai never settles for anything without the first place. Dubai will be the only one or the number one like the Dubai mall, which is the world’s biggest mall and Burj Khalifa- the world’s largest tower. There are a lot more such as human-made island- Palm island, underwater bridge, underwater tennis, and the ONLY seven-star hotel in the world Burj Al Arab.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden

One cannot drive dirty cars in Dubai; if you do so, 200 Dirham fine will cut from your account automatically.

Dubai also invented Dubai Miracle Garden- flowers in the desert; this is the world’s largest garden. Dubai didn’t stop here; they made the world’s biggest gold market- The Gold Souk.

Dubai Land is Bigger Than Disney Land

Not only these his highness went to Disney land and asked them to make the world’s most massive Disney land in Dubai, but they refused to make bigger Disney land than America. Then his highness makes Dubai Land, which is 2.5 times bigger than the actual Disney land and every day, more than two lacs people come to visit this Dubai Land. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced that 25% of the building would build through 3D painting by 2030. His highness is one of a kind; he always thinks extraordinary ideas, and he never stops. Already Dubai made a 3D based painting building.

Dubai Making Progress in Automobile Industry

Dubai road and transport authority announced that they would make a passenger drone, which we can use for our daily travel, this will run off the speed of 150 kilometers/hour. According to Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ordinary people save money to the party, but extraordinary people save money to build a vast empire. He launches the Dubai 10X project; he wants everything in Dubai to become ten times bigger. They are also starting the Dubai canal project and even a hyperloop train within Dubai.


Their commitment is making 25% car driverless within 2015. Also, everything is becoming automated; policing without police is one of the examples. To make tall buildings, one needs lots of water his highness consult with the best consultant and find out that in the V-shaped valley there might be flows of water 2 million years ago. Then they started digging and extract water from them through water management and build the world’s most extraordinary skyscrapers building in the desert.

In UAE 7 emirates, Dubai is the least conservative; over 200 nationalities live in Dubai. 2% of local Sheikhs live in Dubai, the rest of them are immigrants. 65% of people in Dubai are from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Philippines; they work here as labor because only these countries people will work in 50 degree Celsius temperature. The visionary leader calls people from all over the world to work for them. The world’s ¼ JCB crane is in Dubai for construction.

Monaco City – A Temperature Control City

Burj Khalifa holds quite a few of world’s records such as the world’s tallest building, world’s highest restaurant, world’s tallest lift, world’s tallest fireworks, world’s most number of floors, most top residential place, and highest night club. His highness know how to bring the world’s talents; he made Dubai tax free economy.

Monaco City- Temperature Controlled City

Now we can think about how the government makes money? Sheikh is making Monaco a city that is a temperature control city. Sometimes I think how Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid believes, and he also does what he thinks. You can give him any difficulty he will solve it; he is unstoppable. Palm Jumeirah is one of the examples because of its shape; it has five times more residents than it could be if they made it a usual way. Commitment to trade is their more significant reason for success.

Special Economic Zones

Dubai is not found on oil; it was found on trade. Dubai makes business easier for people by introducing special economic zones, free business zones, and a tax-free economy. Dubai is also the 3rd largest re-export in the world. It has the world’s fastest airlines. They do all the possible things which create trade.

Dubai is launching the world’s largest expo in 2020, where you will find everything from the world, and because of this, 2.75 lacs jobs will increase. Their economy grows in many different ways, and one of them is FINE. People become more cautious because of this. They create fine in every possible way, and because of these, there are no criminal records, and Dubai is a crime-free country.

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