10 Signs that He’s not Interested in You Anymore


You doubt your spouse is having an affair? don’t know how to be sure? Well, we will talk about 12 signs that he is not interested in you anymore.

Every Man is Honest but…!

This but is the culprit, trust me, it’s your worst enemy. Every man in this universe has been created equal. There is no one who has a large heart (if not sick) and another one has a small heart (condition applied). But after all of that, some people do cheat. Sorry, I choose the wrong word. Most of the man cheats. Do you ever ask yourself why? We asked those people several times why you do that. Right! But never asked ourselves why they do that? What is the reason behind it? We will definitely talk about it later. But today we want to stay focused on one topic. The 12 signs that how you will understand that he is not interested in you anymore. But before going into the topic I want to say a very important thing to you that “Still there are some men who are very caring, honest & focused. But you have to find them. It’s not very easy to get them. Because they will not come to you often. You have to go to them”.

Signs that He’s Cheating

  1. He will come home late from Job.
  2. He will try to make excuses that are irrelevant most of the cases.
  3. He’s not interested anymore about you when it’s about a date.
  4. He will be busy with Whats-app/Facebook/twitter or any other social media. Reddit can be one of them too
  5. He will start doing those things more frequently that you do not like.
  6. You will be absent from his topics.
  7. He is making excuses of works to stay away from you but he did not forget to care about you.
  8. He is refusing to spend time with you.
  9.  Most of the time he returns to you with a good mood but after talking to you he feels embarrassing.
  10. When you are hurt he is here for you as always.

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Useful Statistics

70% of women found that their beloved one is ignoring them because she has a major imbalance in her look. Here look means inner(mentality) or outlook. Among this 70% amazingly only 0.5% of people we found who is ignoring his girlfriend/wife because she has a major imbalance with her outlook. Most of the men care about how your mentality changes not your outlooks. Actually, we can not call that 0.5 % of men. They are some shitty people who don’t have a dick and wants to have a good looking darling. I wish I could call them shemale!

1. He will Come Home Late From Job

Men usually come back home early if they have their beloved one waiting at home. They come because they want to spend more times with their spouses. But after a certain time/months/years this frequency decreases. It is also a natural phenomenon. Still, you can not say that he does not love you anymore. But it’s only applicable to those couples who are married or living together.

2. He will Try to Make Excuses that are Irrelevant in Most of the Cases

There was a scholar from Bangladesh who said:

“Human has 3 hands. Left, Right & Excuse.”

We often try to make excuses. But most of them are relevant. A normal human usually does not try to make unbelievable excuses. But in this case, your boyfriend/husband can make. If he is not anymore interested in you then he will search for ways to avoid you. And for that, he will try to make a lot of excuses. But how to distinguish between “normal excuses” & “avoiding excuses”? It can not be understood within a short time. But after a while, you will find out that most of his excuses are or were irrelevant. The moment you got the point it’s better to back off.

3. He’s not Interested Anymore about You When It’s about a Date

In relationships, couples are so excited to meet each other. Not only at the beginning of the relationship but also till the end of the commitment on every phase of a relationship. But if he loses his interest in you and be sure about that, then he will try not to meet you. He will try to invest his times to something else or someone else. Sometimes he may agree to meet because you insisted but his attention will not be in you.

Usually, men become unconsecrated after a certain time. But this is not relevant to this factor. You can easily distinguish between these two factors. If you are not sure they do not judge him. Because maybe he is unconsecrated because of normal issues and he is still interested in you. It can happen. So it is better to be sure before you come to a conclusion.

Suppose you guys are going for a romantic long ride. But it’s not his plan. It was your plan. If this is the situation then try to find out some points. Is he behaving normally? Is he happy?

It is very usual for a man not to be happy or attracted to a certain beautiful event at the beginning. But if he is normal and there are no issues with you then after a while he will explore. He will be interested, attracted & cheerful. If he is not then trying to find out the issue. So, you can not find any issue then try to talk to him. If you also can come to a decision that there are no issues and still he is behaving like that, then it’s definite that he is not interested anymore.

This is a most certain and conclusive point to find out that your mate is still interested in you or not? Applicable for women too. If women show the same attitude in the same circumstances then you can conclude that she is not interested in you anymore.

4. He will be Busy with Social Media

We all are social site addicted. But the limit of our addiction is within the margin. If he is not interested in you anymore then he will increase the time of being in social sites.
“He is online 24 hours” — That does not mean he is not interested in you anymore. Sometimes people do not care about this factor. Sometimes it’s necessary. So you cannot conclude this point instantly. You should follow some symptoms like “he will browse social sites when you are together” or “he is continuously chatting with someone irrelevant when you guys are together”.

This factor is only applicable when you guys are together. And if you are married or living together it’s not also applicable. Be careful before coming to a conclusion. This factor can mislead you too.

5. He will Start Doing Those Things More Frequently that You Don’t Like

As a boyfriend, he should care about your likes and dislikes. But he will only do it till he has a corner for you. It is very usual to not being careful about someone’s like/dislike whom we don’t love. Though he knows about your likes/dislikes he will not care to do those things you dislike most. But is he doing too much or too less? If he is doing too much then definitely he is not interested in you anymore. On the other hand, if he is doing too less then you should nothing to worry. It’s not possible for a human to maintain someone else’s like/dislike for 100%.

6. You will be Absent from His Topics

Though I do not a lot of things to tell you about this, this is the most important point for you. How you will understand that he loves you or not. If he loves you then you will find yourself everywhere in his life. Suppose he is chatting with his friends. At least for once, he will bring your topic if he loves you. There is no could be or not could be. This is a very straight cut point. If he loves you then you will find yourself in his topics.

7. Showing You that He Cares about You

Usually, a good man does this. Though he is not interested in you anymore he cares about you. Maybe you could not hold his heart’s that portion which is devoted to his love. But you still exist in his heart. If you understand that this is happening to you then do not lose your hope. There are still chances thus you can restore yourself in his heart.

It is another important point and applicable to both married and unmarried couples. He often makes excuses for his works. Right? There is nothing wrong with that. But why he is showing you this excuse is important and how much is showing. Suppose you have asked for a date about 10 times and he showed his “work excuse” 4 times. It’s still cool.

But if this percentage increases more than 60% then it’s a headache for you. He does not want to make you understand this factor because you will get hurt. So that he is doing what you have asked for about 40 times. He is still good to go but be careful. Try to reduce the percentage.

8. He is Refusing to Spend Time with You

You are going to attain any party and wants him to come with you. But he is not coming. It’s not the problem. Usually, men do not like to attain family or ladies or kids parties. If you are inviting him for these kinds of events and he is refusing then it’s a very normal issue. But if he is refusing to go any enjoyable parties “with you” then it’s the issue. He is not interested in you anymore.

9. He Returns Home with a Good Mood but after that, He Starts Fighting

This is the most common reason/event. If you see that your boyfriend or husband was in a very good mood but after talking to you he changed then it’s not his fault. It’s your fault that you could not maintain his happiness. You put something in his mind with whom he is not comfortable. This is a way of showing that he is not interested in you anymore. In one word, he can not even take you anymore.

10. When You are Hurt, He is Here for You as Always

This is the most complicated & confusing behavior of human. There are lot’s of studies had been conducted to understand this phenomenon. Scientists concluded that those people who show this kind of behavior are the purest human being. If in this world a good heart exists then it’s one of them or he is one of them. But the most confusing part is that if your boyfriend shows all of the symptoms mentioned above and also continue with this point then maybe he is not interested in you but cannot leave you alone. He is waiting for your turn to move on. In these circumstances, it’s better not to hurt this kind of human and move on your own.

There are several things or signs that can indicate to you that your boyfriend is cheating on you or not interested in you anymore. We will update this article. Stay connected to get our updates.

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