First Crime Happened in Space by NASA Astronaut

NASA Astronaut accused for crime in Space

In a NASA hacking context, it was concerning the Jet Propulsion Laboratory network coming under attack from threat actors. Now the hacking actions said to have actually occurred from space itself. NASA received a report about hacking a bank account from space by one of their astronauts. NASA investigating an accusation that an astronaut accessed a bank account belongs to an estranged spouse. NASA astronaut executed this when she aboard the International Space Station. If the allegations of identity theft and improper account access turn out to be accurate, this could be the first cybercrime committed off-planet.

First Crime Occured at Sapce- Forbes
First Crime Occured at Space- Forbes

Why is NASA investigating space hacking claims?

A former U. S. Army pilot Anne McClain, who had flown more than 800 combat hours during Operation Iraqi Freedom before joining NASA in 2013, has been accused of identity theft and improper access to private financial records. -FORBES

The New York Times report details how Anne McClain’s estranged spouse, put her skills as a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer to work when she suspected McClain had been accessing her bank account. Having contacted her bank for details of the locations of logins to the account, Word has been discovered as one of the computers, where her login credentials were used from, was registered to NASA.

International Space Station
International Space Station

McClain was aboard the International Space Station at the time, due to be part of the ill-fated all-female spacewalk, and putting two and two together led Worden to the conclusion that she had found her bank account hacker.

What does Anne McClain say?

McClain, who has since returned to Earth following her six months in space, has admitted that she did, indeed, access the account while aboard the International Space Station. The newspaper report stated that, under oath and via a lawyer, McClain insisted she was making sure there were sufficient funds in the account to care appropriately for the child they had been raising together. “She strenuously denies that she did anything improper,” lawyer Rusty Hardin stated, adding that McClain was “totally cooperating.”


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