10 Signs You’re Being in Love with Your Best Friend and What to Do


Falling in love with your best friend is the most irritating thing. It’s not unusual to fall in love with your best friend because he/she is the only one person with whom you do share your every secret. Only your best friend supports you when you are even wrong. According to psychologists human always loves to be appreciated, supported & comfortable at his/her most uncomfortable situations. Only your best friend gives you these kinds of feelings. Your life partner should be your best friend. But most of the people do not want to accept his/her best friend as their life partner because of some shitty reasons. Are you feeling that you are in love with your best friend? Maybe not. Maybe you are feeling this because you are most comfortable with him/her. This is not loving. This is just your comfort zone. Love is a different thing. If you are confused this two situations then let’s make a checklist. There are several signs. Let’s focus on the 10 most important signs you’re falling in love with your best friend. But before that, you may have a question which is:

Are These Signs You’re Falling in Love with Your BFF Easy to Understand?


Normally it is not that easy to understand our own psychology and brain waves. But, our Researched Life Hacks on signs you’re falling in love with your best buddy and research about Law of Attraction Theory makes it much easier for you to understand if you are in love with your best buddy.

Okay! Enough Introduction, now let’s just dig into the signs and how to understand those signs that you’re falling in love with your best buddy or Best Friend Forever (BFF)

1. Looking without blinking at the person when he/she is talking:

Without blinking does not mean you do not blink at all. You will blink but the frequency will drop in a broad margin. When he/she is talking to you then you will feel that you cannot hear anything else without his/her voice. You are listening to the most pleasant voice which can vanish your tiredness/problems within a second. The arrangement of his/her sentences is so perfect that no one can do speak like that. This is one of the primary signs you’re falling in love with your best friend.

2. All the solutions to your problems are with you:

Every person has so many problems in life. After a long working day when you are feeling tired & you are so much messed up with your problems then there is only one person who can make you relaxed. With whom you want to share every single thing about your day. When he/she arrives you feel that the solutions of all of your problems just came to you. The most relaxed feeling of the day. It’s another most important among signs you’re falling in love.

3. You want to stay connected to the person all the time:

Are you are texting/chatting with him/her in such a frequency that he/she is just with you? You do not want to spend a single moment without the person. Though you guys are not exchanging formal words or lovable speeches you guys are beside of each other. This can be one of the potential signs you’re falling in love.

4. In the crowd you want him/her beside you:

You are not just looking for him/her in a crowd. You are tensed about him/her and want that person beside you. If your best friend is a girl then you will feel so much tensed about her safety in a crowd. If your best friend is a man then you will feel uncomfortable without him. You want him to stay with you. Just you are feeling that a part of your body is missing. You may not consider it as the signs you’re falling in love, but you should.

5. He/she is looking good in the wrong outfit:

Maybe the person is wearing a disgusting outfit which you don’t like. Maybe he/she is not looking even good in this outfit. But do you know what you will feel? You will feel the same thing that nah! It’s not a good outfit or the person is not looking good in the outfit but, “it’s OK, he/she is not looking that much bad/disgusting in this outfit”. Got the point? Now you can be sure that signs you’re falling in love is true about you.

6. You feel angry when he/she is doing the wrong thing:

Probably you are not expressing that you are feeling angry but you will feel. Suppose you do not like doing cheat on exams but the person is doing. Maybe he/she is not taking this silly matter so seriously like you but you will feel angry. Why he/she is doing this? I don’t like that. It’s not OK. Are you feeling? Understanding? You got caught up dude. Signs you’re falling in love caught you.

7. Feeling jealous when the person is hanging out with someone else:

Maybe he/she is just had gone for lunch/dinner with a casual friend or with a group but you are feeling that he/she is ignoring you. He/she cannot have a moment without you. This point is not applicable to everyone. There are a lot of persons who do not count it. Yes, this is one of the most important and undoubtful signs you’re falling in love.

8. You care about his/her comfort zone above yours:

Maybe you are not comfortable in a situation but your partner is. A minor sacrifice of his/her comfort can make you comfortable but you don’t want to make her that sacrifice. You are giving full priority to him/her comfort zone. You are OK with what you have. This can be a doubtful sign that you’re falling in love.

9. The parson’s Wish comes first:

You are busy or messed up with so many things that you cannot concentrate on any other issues. But you want to give priority to his/her wishes. Suppose you are so messed up with your jobs/study & you cannot concentrate into any other matter but your work. At the same time, he/she wants to go for a drive or wants to have a hangout with you. Your mind will say, “HUH! Works will be there for always. Why don’t I just fulfill his/her wish?” Automatically your mind will start searching for options to avoid your works. Subconsciously/consciously you are giving him/her the priority. Yes undoubtedly this can be considered as the signs you’re falling in love.

10. You can finish his/her sentences:

You know the person in such a manner that he/she has no need to complete a sentence. When the person says the keywords you know what he/she is going to speak up. In extreme suppose you guys had gone with a group for a hangout. You guys are having so much fun. At a moment he/she needs something or wants to say something. But he/she cannot get that thing or cannot say that thing for different issues. You know what he/she needs or wants to say. When you make the demand fulfilled he/she says, “You just read my mind”. Yes, you have understood the right thing at the right time. This can be considered another most important signs you’re falling in love.


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