KSI vs Logan Paul- The Boxing World is Going Mad- Said Tony Bellew

KSI vs. Logan Paul
KSI vs. Logan Paul

Tony Bellew has told talkSPORT the boxing world is going mad.

This week, YouTube stars KSI, and Logan Paul has hosted a London press conference for their November rematch. At the same time, Tyson Fury crashed the WWE for a brawl with Braun Strowman.

First, Tyson Fury rocked up at SmackDown on Friday before taking a microphone on Monday Night Raw. The ‘Bomber’ said, “I think he looked great, to be honest. The only thing I’m waiting for is Hulk Hogan to come back. Fury also said, “The world’s gone mad, it has, “I don’t know what to say to you.”

On Monday, KSI and Logan Paul’s press conference went viral after confirmation came that their bout will be broadcast for £9.95 on Sky Sports pay-per-view in the UK.


British world champion Billy Joe Saunders is set to come on the undercard, causing controversy among many boxing fans.

As brazil raise the possibility of Bellew getting back in the ring to sort this out first-hand, the former world champion replied; “Listen, they could never mess around with someone like me, mate”.

He also said, “You can’t knock it, you’ve got to give them fair play and credit for doing it, but to start saying it’s the future of boxing is stupid, give me a break, don’t talk nonsense.

Fury claims that it’s probably going to do more buys than 90 percent of pay-per-views, this is insane he added. However, everyone is looking forward to KSI and Logan Paul’s boxing rematch.

When reporters asked Bellew if he would come on the undercard for $1million, Bellew said, “For a million dollars, I’ll fight the two of them at once.”


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