Drake Says He’s So Hurt After His Father Claimed He Lies to Sell More Records

Drake says he's 'so hurt' after his fathers' claim
Drake says he's 'so hurt' after his fathers' claim

Drake has replied to his father’s claims that drake lies about their relationship to sell his records.

Drake often uses his parents’ divorce and his father’s alleged trouble with alcohol as features in his songs. Recently, in an interview with Nick Cannon on Power 106, Dennis Graham said he asked Drake why he said all of this weird stuff about him? Drake told his father; it sells his records more.

On Drakes’ Instagram story, he replied; “My father will say anything to anyone that’s willing to listen to him.” He also said he always told the truth, and the truth is hard for some people to accept.
Drake dismissed his father’s claim that the rapper amplifies their strained relationship to sell more records.

Drake often used his parents’ divorce in his music and always spoke how they broke up when he was a child. He also talked about his father used to create trouble after being drunk.
Drakes’ father, Dennis Graham, said Drake admitted that he revealed details of his upbringing because “it sells records.” Drake now responded to his fathers’ statement, saying he is “so hurt” because of the claims. Some reporters said, Drake maybe the nice guy of rap, but a history of violence has followed him.
Later Drake said, it’s sad when the family gets like this, but what can we do? They are the people we are stuck with.

Drakes’ father claims though he is an absentee father, he talks to Drake if not every day, then every other day. He also said, “I have always been with Drake.” He said he had a conversation with drake about this topic, and Drake said it’s cool to tell lies about him, “it sells more records.”


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