Bernie Sanders Is Hospitalized

Bernie Sanders Is Hospitalized
Bernie Sanders Is Hospitalized

The Vermont senator Barnie Sanders had two stents placed in an artery after experiencing chest pain at an event. Bernie Sander’s campaign canceled all upcoming events and announced he would be resting for a few days.

Bernie Sanders was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital this Wednesday after being healed from the blockage of an artery. This medical condition was forcing him to cancel his upcoming events. This is causing uncertainty over a candidate who is already facing a problem to win new voters.

Bernie Sanders’s medical condition and not being able to attend upcoming events is likely to raise the focus on age in the Democratic race, which is as much of the public debate has focused on policies such as health care and immigration.

It is also being talked about that the three leading Democratic candidates, including the president they are competing to challenge, all of them are in their 70s. Joseph R. Biden Jr., who is one the democrats are 76; this has drawn his age-related inspection because of his unusual rambling discourses and uneven answers in debates.

Further information about Bernie Sanders’s condition is not revealed, and the campaign aides have not disclosed whether Bernie Sander had suffered a heart attack or that was just chest pain.

Bernie Sanders posted a tweet to thanks his well-wishers, this late Wednesday afternoon and using the medical condition as an opportunity to plug his signature policy proposal, “Medicare for all.”

In the United States, inserting stents into arteries is very common. There are approximately 60k such procedures happen in a year, and sometimes up to one million. Inserting stents in an artery is usually not complicated, and patients return home after one or two days.

“The recovery of the patient is excellent,” said Dr. Steven Nissen, who is the CAO of the Heart and Vascular Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. “Almost every patient goes home the next day and can start to work very quickly.” He also said he did not see it as an issue to returning to the campaign trail soon.

But it is still unclear when Bernie Sanders will start the campaign trail again or whether he will be able to participate in the next Democratic debate or not, which is on October 15 in Columbus, Ohio.


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