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How L’oreal Paris Become One of The Biggest Cosmetics Brand

Go to your dressing table and look at the beauty products. Did you find the name “L’oreal Paris”?

Yes, like this, “L’oreal Paris” is one of our family members and serving us with its gesture.

If you never heard about the “L’oreal Paris,” then the article is not for you. But if you ever heard the name “L’oreal Paris,” then we can promise you that if you read the article, you will learn how the “L’oreal Paris” become one of the biggest cosmetics brands in this century.

Russian Fashion Trend

Russian Fashion Trend – Updated 2020

The taste of a nation can be judged by observing their fashion trend. Every nation has its own fashion trend which usually does not match with another nation. Russian fashion trend is focused on corporate outlook.

People say Russia is a country. But actually Russia is a united union of Multiple countries.

If you are interested to know the fashion trend of Russia, then you are in the correct place. Here we will know about the “Russian Fashion Trend”.

Russian Fashion Trend Updated Version 2020

Russia is a vast nation and hence, the kind of clothing that one would notice in the dedicated stores of Moscow would naturally be quite different from that found in Siberia. Leather is a fetish in Russia. Lined with fur, the look has become synonymous with Russian fashion.


In general, traditional Russian men like to flaunt leather a lot. In fact, until today, no matter what the time of the year is, a leather jacket is a cool thing to have! Russian women wear dresses or long skirts and blouses and love to flaunt high heels.

Preference of Russian Men and Women 2020

There is a distinct difference in the color and theme preference of the Russian men and women; while the men do not usually like flaunting bright colors in clothing, the women do. The men prefer sober, earthy tones and prefer to keep the look ‘calm’.

Outfit’s Color Prefered By Russian Men 2020

  • Dark Black
  • Navy Blue
  • White
  • Ash Color
  • Gray
  • Cream
  • Off-white

Outfit’s Color Prefered By Russian Women 2020

  • Heavy Cream
  • Black
  • Violet
  • Red
  • Baby Pink
  • Olive
  • Light Violet

But many Russians find black and white being very elegant. However, the colors they choose seem to tell of their lifestyle & occupation. Russian women are very much obsessed with “matte lipstick” and “liquid lipstick“.

Usually, the do not use eyeshadow palette like Indian women.

Variety of Styles at Russia

There are a variety of styles to pick from in the way of Russian fashion clothing. The traditional Russian costume used to be a part of the country’s history up until the beginning of the eighteenth century when Peter the Great proclaimed the Russian dress to be ‘peasant and nonprogressive’.

He introduced a law that fined anyone who entered the city in traditional national clothes, as well as anyone with a beard. The citizens, aristocracy, merchants and other influential society members switched to European dress, while traditional Russian clothes were half-forgotten and worn only in the countryside and among members of religious institutions.

Russian Woman’s Head-Dress (Kokoshnik)

Russian Woman’s Head-Dress (Kokoshnik)

The Russian woman’s head-dress is called the kokoshnik. In the western world, there are replicas of the original headgear available in an array of fine prints and colors.

The fine linen “rubashka” or the shirts that Russian men wear can also be found at a number of dedicated department stores.

Russian Shawl

The sarafan or the traditional dress of the Russian women are available at a number of outlets, with exclusive embroidery in brocade and silk. And last, but not the least, there is the special and most beautiful Russian shawl.

Russian Shawl

There are two famous varieties of Russian shawls – the Orenburg goat down shawls and the Pavlov Posed (100% woolen) shawls.

Women of any age loved a variety of decorations. Russian clothing was covered in beads and worn with luxurious necklaces, earrings, and pendants.

In wealthy families, buttons were decorated with inlaid stones, filigrees, and engraving. Headdresses were also often decorated. Unmarried girls wore bright ribbons, headbands, wraps, and other various intricately tied scarves.

After marriage, women completely changed their clothing. Married women completely hid their hair under a headdress with a scarf on top. These richly decorated headdresses were part of special clothing, while everyday wear was bonnets with a scarf made of cotton or linen. Nowadays, traditional Russian dress can only be seen worn by Church officials and during some ethnic holidays.


Russian Orthodox Fashion

Russian Orthodox Fashion

Russian orthodox fashion is also a traditional form of their fashion but it’s really popular if we talk about Russian fashion. Russian orthodox fashion is a form of modest fashion, women use scarves with their long or full-cover dresses. Layering, using scarves came from Russian orthodox fashion and now it is popular and uses by the whole world.

Why Russian People are Obsessed About Street Style?

The fashion trend in Russia followed in the capital city of Moscow is quite close to those observed in Europe or New York. Street style is becoming trendier and holding places in big magazines now. They always look up to the street style and mostly try to follow that. The winter clothing differs a bit since the Russian winters are definitely a challenge.

Russian Fashion Trend

In winter they go for layering. Russian fashion is distinctively different. There are a number of authentic and dedicated online and offline resources that make designer Russian clothing available. Russian people mostly try to do their own fashion. They do not just follow something; they always have their own touch on their outfit which differentiates their fashion.

Russian Traditional Fashion 2020

Russian fashion is a show of traditional folk art and the spirit of the culture of Russia. Traditional Russian clothing is designed to highlight the inner dignity and emotional restraint of every Russian. The traditional Russian costumes are not only beautiful but also very convenient, being specially created for work. The variety of colors used in the traditional costumes display ethnic diversity. Russian fashion is trendy but still, they keep their cultural touch on their clothing.

Russian Traditional Fashion

Russian fashion is also a modest form of fashion. Most of their clothing is a long and full cover. They wear heels and a pop of cover to their outfits to make it look stand-out. Both Russian women and men are really conscious about their clothing. They always make a statement and their sense of fashion is admired by the world. Russian fashion is also growing because of its uniqueness. They always try to add something traditional to their fashion which makes their appearance different. Russian fashion is all about play with colors; they know the perfect way to use bright colors.

Climate 2020

As in any cold climate, layers are essential for Russian winters. Layering is really popular in Russian fashion; because of its cold weather, it’s essential also.

Russian people love to layer their outfit. It keeps them warm and also looks really trendy at the same time. Double layering coats, shirts go perfect with their fashion and also with the climate.

Warm sweaters as well as warm coats, and cotton shirts are important to wear underneath.

If you’re going to be in the Russian North or if you’re just not used to the cold, it might be a good idea to even wear thermal underwear under your jeans.

Don’t forget your scarves and hats, and most importantly warm socks and waterproof, slip-proof boots because there’s no guarantee that the sidewalks will be cleared. On the other hand, just a tint of red lipstick shows it all.

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