Intel Stock Price Raising Again After a Massive Fall

Intel is an American multinational company and technology company. The headquarter of Intel is in Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley.

Intel is the world’s 2nd largest and 2nd highest valued chip manufacturer which is based on revenue after being overtaken by Samsung Electronics. Because of the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors found in most personal computers.

Robert Swan-Intel CEO
Robert Swan-Intel CEO

Intel ranked 46th in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States company by total revenue. Intel is also incorporated in Delaware. Intel design processors for computer system manufacturers like Apple, HP, Lenovo, and Dell.

Intel also design motherboard chipsets, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, and other related devices to communications and for computing.

On July 18, 1968, Intel started its journey by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, and partner with Andrew Grove who is the executive leadership and vision of Intel.

Gordon Moore-Founder of Intel
Gordon Moore-Founder of Intel

Intel’s name was designed as a portmanteau of the words integrated and electronics which also suggested by the co-founder Noyce who has been a principal inventor of the integrated circuit.

The central fact is that “intel” is also in term for intelligence information which made the name suitable. The early developer of SRAM and DRAM memory chips which represented the majority of its business until 1981 was Intel.

The main Competitors of Intel is in PC chipsets are Advanced Micro Devices, Silicon Integrated Systems, VIA Technologies, and Nvidia. Intel’s also have few competitors in networking are NXP Semiconductors, Infineon, Marvell Technology Group, Broadcom Limited, and Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, and other competitors in flash memory are Spansion, Qimonda, Toshiba, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, and SK Hynix. Intel has an only major competitor in the x86 processor market is Advanced Micro Devices. Although, the development of such mobile computing devices, which is in particular, smartphones, has in recent years led to a decline in PC sales.

Intel produced over 95% of the world’s smartphones which currently use processors manufactured by ARM Holdings, ARM which has become a significant competitor for Intel’s processor market.

Intel has a Diversity advantage which includes employee diversity groups also supplier diversity programs. Just like other companies with employee diversity groups that include groups based on race and nationality as well as sexual identity and religion. Intel was the first corporate which allowed Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender employee groups in 1994 and Intel also supports a Muslim employees group, a Jewish employees group, and a Bible-based Christian group.

Intel Stock Analysis & Overview

Market Capitalization– $226.02B

Highest Stock Price– $51.21

Lowest Stock Price– $49.42

Current Stock Price– $49.75

P/E Ratio– 11.88

Current Status– Incline Mode

Intel Stock- Intel Stock Price
Intel Stock- Intel Stock Price



In 2002, Intel got the 100% rating on the first Corporate Equality Index, which announced by the Human Rights Campaign. Intel has maintained this rating in 2003 and 2004. Intel was also recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers in 2005 by Working Mother magazine.

Intel declared an investment of $300 million over the next five years to empower gender and racial diversity in their own company and also in the technology industry as a whole. Intel announced its Global Diversity & Inclusion 2015 Annual Report on February 2016.

Intel Brand Book is a book designed by Red Peak Branding as which is a part of a new brand identity campaign that celebrates Intel’s achievements because of setting the new standard for what Intel looks, sounds, and feels like.


Royal Dutch Shell- Oil Industry

Royal Dutch Shell- One of the Oldest Oil & Gas Companies

Royal Dutch Shell is a British-Dutch oil and gas company. It is commonly known as the shell. The headquarter of Royal Dutch Shell is in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Royal Dutch Shell is one of the world’s most influential oil and gas “supermajors” and the 3rd largest company in the world according to 2018 revenues. Royal Dutch Shell is also the Europe largest oil and gas company. In 2019 Forbes Global 2000, Royal Dutch Shell was ranked as the 9th largest company in the world and even as the most significant energy company.

Ben van Beurden- CEO Royal Dutch Shell
Ben van Beurden- CEO of Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell, in the 2013 Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest companies was the 1st. Its revenues were equivalent to 84% of the Dutch national $556 billion GDP on that year. Royal Dutch Shell is proficient in every area of the oil and gas industry, which also includes exploration and production, petrochemicals, power generation, refining, transport, distribution and marketing, and trading. Royal Dutch Shell also has renewable energy activities such as biofuels, wind, energy-kite systems, and hydrogen.

Royal Dutch Shell has operations in over 70 countries which produces around 3.7 million barrels of oil per day also has 44,000 service stations all around the world. According to 31 December 2014, Shell had a total of 13.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Moreover, Shell Oil Company has the principal subsidiary in the United States, which is one of its most prominent businesses. Royal Dutch Shell has 50% of Raízen share and a joint venture with Cosan which is the 3rd largest Brazil-based energy company by revenues.

Royal Dutch Shell Stock Market Analysis & Overview

Company- Royal Dutch Shell

Highest Stock Price- $26.32

Lowest Stock Price- $26.16

Current Stock Price- $26.28

Market Capitalization- $208.74 Billion

P/E Ratio- 11.68

Current Condition- Declining.

Royal Dutch Shell Stock Price
Royal Dutch Shell Stock Price

History of Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell was founded in 1907 through the merge of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company of the Netherlands and the Shell Transport and Trading Company of the United Kingdom.

Marcus Samuel- Founder Royal Dutch Shell
Marcus Samuel- Founder Royal Dutch Shell

Until its merger in 2005 Shell run as a dual-listed company which maintains by the British and Dutch companies but run as a single-unit partnership for business purposes. Firstly, Royal Dutch Shell entered the chemical industry in 1929.

Moreover, then in 1970, Shell purchased the mining company Billiton. Now, gas exploration and production businesses have become an increasingly important part of Shell’s business.

In 2016, Royal Dutch Shell purchased BG Group that is making Shell the world’s largest producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG). In the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index, Royal Dutch Shell has a primary listed. Shell also had a market capitalization of £216 billion as of 2019, which is by far the largest of any company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Shell also has secondary listed on Euronext Amsterdam and the New York Stock Exchange. According to January 2013, Shell’s biggest shareholder was Capital Research Global Investors with 9.85% and BlackRock in second with 6.89%.

Royal Dutch Shell- Oldest Oil and Gas Company
Royal Dutch Shell Plant

Royal Dutch Shell started working with the Global Climate Coalition of businesses against greenhouse gas emission regulation. In 1989 Royal Dutch Shell restructured a $3-billion North Sea natural gas platform in the North Sea which is raising its height one to two meters to fit an anticipated sea-level rise due to global warming. Royal Dutch Shell PLC reported that CO2 emissions of 81 million metric tons happened in 2013.

Royal Dutch Shell is also known to be processing oil from the Amazon region of South America. Some critics say in 2017, a public information film unseen for years resurfaced and showed it had clear seized of global warming 26 years earlier but has not acted accordingly after that.

As of 2017, Royal Dutch Shell announced earnings of US$13 billion and annual revenue of US$305 billion which is an increase of 30.6% over the previous year.


Procter and Gamble (P&G)

Procter and Gamble (P&G)- 42nd Largest Company by Revenue $66.832B Annually

Procter and Gamble (P&G) is an American multinational company who produce consumer goods. The headquarter of P&G is in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Proctor and Gamble founded in 1837 by William Procter and Irish American James Gamble.

P&G produce in a wide range of personal health, consumer health, and personal care and hygiene products all these products are arranged into several segments including Beauty, Health Care, Grooming, Fabric & Home Care, and Baby, Feminine, & Family Care. Earlier the sale of Pringles to Kellogg’s, P&G’s product ratio also included foods, snacks, and beverages.

David S. Taylor-Procter & Gamble ceo
David S. Taylor-Procter & Gamble CEO

As of 2014, Procter and Gamble (P&G) had US$83.1 billion in sales. On August 1, 2014, Procter and Gamble (P&G) declared it was simplifying the company which will drop and selling off around 100 brands from its product portfolio to concentrate on the remaining 65 brands which are the central 95% of the company’s profits. A. G. Lafley Procter and Gamble (P&G)’s chairman, president, and CEO announced the future Procter and Gamble (P&G) would be “a much simpler, less complicated company of leading brands that’s easier to manage, run and operate.” The current president and CEO of Procter & Gamble are David Taylor.

How Procter and Gamble (P&G) Founded!

The origin history of Procter and Gamble (P&G) is quite impressive, Candlemaker William Procter who born in England and soap maker James Gamble who born in Ireland later both of them emigrated from the United Kingdom to the United States. They met when they married sisters Olivia and Elizabeth Norris. After that, Alexander Norris, their father-in-law who encourage them to become business partners, and then in 1837 Procter & Gamble was founded.

Founders of Procter & Gample-William Procter-James Gamble
Founders of Procter & Gamble-William Procter-James Gamble

Various new products and brand names were introduced with time, and on that time, Procter & Gamble began expanding into new areas. P&G launched Tide laundry detergent in 1946 and Prell shampoo in 1947 which caught the market well. In 1955, P&G started selling the first toothpaste which contains fluoride which was known as Crest. Expanding out again in 1957, the company bought Charmin paper mills and started producing toilet paper and other tissue paper products. Later, to focusing on laundry still, Procter & Gamble began to making Downy fabric softener and Bounce fabric softener sheets.

One of the most exotic products that come out on the market was P&G’s disposable Pampers diaper which was first test-marketed in 1961 and in the same year P&G launched Head & Shoulders. On this point, disposable diapers were not that popular, but Johnson & Johnson had introduced a product called Chux, which was babies all time wore cloth diapers that were leaky and labor-intensive to wash. However, Pampers gave a convenient alternative. However, at that time, the new concerns of parents were about the ingredients in diapers because of that Pampers launched Pampers Pure collection in 2018, which is a “natural” diaper substitute.

Procter and Gamble Products-P&G Products List
Procter and Gamble Products-P&G Products List

In 2012 P&G leave the food business when P&G sold its Pringles snack food business to Kellogg’s for US$2.75 billion. Earlier P&G had sold Jif peanut butter, Crisco shortening and oils, and Folgers coffee in different transactions to Smucker’s.

P&G declared it was selling its Vicks VapoSteam which is U.S. liquid inhalant business to Helen of Troy which was a part of a brand-restructuring operation In March 2015. This particular P&G deal was the first health-related disinvestment under the brand-restructuring supervision.

Procter and Gamble Stock Price- P&G Stock
Procter and Gamble Stock Price- P&G Stock

P&G declared the sale of 43 of its beauty brands to Coty in July 2015 which was a US$13 billion deal. P&G’s slow growth of its beauty areas was the reason for the divestiture. P&G did the transfer of Duracell to Berkshire Hathaway through an exchange of shares in February 2016. Procter & Gamble purchased the consumer health division of Merck Group for $3.9 billion in April 2018. Procter & Gamble announced a more straightforward corporate structure with six business units which will be effective from July 2019.

According to 2018, Procter & Gamble total earnings is US$9.750 billion, and the annual revenue is US$66.832 billion, with an increase of 2.7% over the previous year. P&G ranked 42nd in 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States company by total revenue.


Samsung Customer Service Logo

Samsung Clouds Drop 15 GB Free Tier

Samsung is a South-Korean multinational company. The headquarter of Samsung is in Samsung Town, Seoul. Samsung also has various affiliated businesses; most of these businesses united under the Samsung brand, Samsung is also the largest South Korean business conglomerate. Samsung was established by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938 as a trading company. However, in the next three decades, Samsung involved in areas including food processing, securities, textiles, insurance, and retail.

lee byung chull- Founder of Samsung
Lee Byung Chull- Founder of Samsung

In the late 1960s, Samsung entered the electronics industry, and they also began the construction and shipbuilding industries in the mid-1970s; these profitable areas would let its subsequent growth. After Lee’s death in 1987, Samsung was divided into four business groups – Samsung Group, CJ Group, Shinsegae Group, and Hansol Group. From 1990, Samsung has tremendously globalized its electronics activities. Notably, Samsung’s mobile phones and semiconductors have become it’s one of the most important sources of income and revenue. In 2017, Samsung had the 6th highest global brand value.

Samsung Cloud Backup
Samsung Cloud Backup

The most essential Samsung industrial incorporates include Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, and Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T. Also, Samsung’s other subsidiaries include Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Everland, and Cheil Worldwide. Samsung has a strong effect on South Korea’s economic development, media, politics, and culture and also has been a fundamental driving force behind the “Miracle on the Han River” Its merger companies supply around a 5th of South Korea’s total exports. Samsung’s revenue was the same as 17% of South Korea’s entire $1,082 billion GDP.
Samsung has cooperation with around 80 companies. Samsung has highly enlarged operations with areas including construction, shipbuilding, consumer electronics, financial services, and medical services.

Samsung Stock Price
Samsung Stock Price

In 2009, Samsung announced combined revenues of US$172.5 billion. In 2010, Samsung announced combined revenues of US$258 billion and the total profits of US$27.6 billion.

However, these amounts do not add the taxes from all of Samsung‘s subsidiaries based outside of South Korea.

Samsung’s Affiliates Businesses

  • Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Engineering
  • Samsung Everland
  • Samsung Fine Chemicals
  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
  • Samsung Heavy Industries
  • Samsung Life Insurance
  • Samsung Machine Tools
  • Samsung Medical Center
  • Samsung SDI
  • Samsung Securities
  • Samtron
  • Shilla Hotels and Resorts
  • S-1 Corporation

Joint Ventures of Samsung

State-run Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp. established the enterprise which was aT Grain Co., in Chicago, with three other South Korean companies. Korea Agro-Fisheries owns 55 percent of aT Grain, and Samsung C&T Corp, Hanjin Transportation Co., and STX Corporation, each company holds 15 percent.

  • Brooks Automation Asia Co., Ltd. is a joint venture here, Brooks Automation (70%) and Samsung (30%)
  • Company POSS – SLPC s.r.o. was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Samsung C & T Corporation.
  • Samsung Air China Life Insurance company is a 50/50 joint venture between Samsung Life Insurance and China National Aviation Holding.
  • Samsung Electronics Co. and Samsung Everland Inc. separately own a 40 percent share in the venture with Samsung C&T Corp. and Durham.
  • Samsung Biopics is a joint venture of Samsung Biologics (85%) and the U.S.-based Biogen Idec (15%).
  • Samsung BP Chemicals is a 49/51 joint venture of Samsung and the UK-based BP.
  • Samsung Corning Precision Glass is a joint venture of Samsung and Corning; this was established in 1973.
  • Samsung Sumitomo LED Materials is a joint venture between Samsung LED Co. Ltd.
  • SB LiMotive is a 50/50 joint venture of Robert Bosch GmbH and Samsung SDI.
  • SD Flex Co., Ltd. was established in October 2004 as a joint venture corporation by Samsung and DuPont; this is one of the world’s largest chemical companies.
  • Sematech Korea is a 51/49 joint venture between Samsung. The U.S. firm Sermatech International specializes in aircraft construction processes like specialized welding and brazing.
  • Stemco is a joint venture between Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Toray Industries in 1995.
  • Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation (TSST) is a joint venture established between Samsung Electronics and Toshiba. Here Toshiba owns 51% of its stock, and Samsung owns the remaining 49%.

Nestle Starts to sell Starbucks Coffee in China

From Thursday the Nestle started selling Starbucks brand’s coffee in China. The CEO of Nestle said that they are observing a potential market for coffee in China. After the launching, the project Nestle experiencing a steady stock price growth.

Nestle-Nestle sa
Nestle-Nestle SA

Nestle is a swiss multinational company that processes food and drink. The headquarter of nestle is in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. Nestle is the largest food company in the world by revenue and also in the other metrics from 2014.

Nestle Chocolate Chips & Cookies-Nestle Toll House
Nestle Chocolate Chips & Cookies-Nestle Toll House

Nestle ranked 64th on the Fortune Global 500 in 2017 and also 33rd of the Forbes Global 2000 list on the 2016 edition in the category of largest public companies.

Nestle Water- Nestle Pure Life Water
Nestle Water- Nestle Pure Life Water

Nestlé’s consumer goods include baby food, medical food, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee, tea, confectionery, pet foods, and snacks. Twenty-nine of Nestle’s brands have yearly sales of over CHF1 billion, which is about US$1.1 billion this including Nespresso, Nescafé, Smarties, Nesquik, Kit Kat, Stouffer’s, Vittel, and Maggi. Nestle has 447 factories that operate in 189 countries and have employees of approximately 339,000 people.

Nestle is one of the principal shareholders of L’Oreal, which is the world’s largest cosmetics company.

Nestlé was founded in 1905 by the merger of the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company which established in 1866 by the George brothers, Charles Page, and Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé which was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé. Nestle grew dynamically during the First World War and also the following Second World War, which was expanding its offerings tremendously; its early condensed milk and infant formula products.

Nestle Products
Nestle Products

Nestle has made a massive number of corporate investments including Crosse & Blackwell in 1950, Findus in 1963, Libby’s in 1971, Klim in 1998, Rowntree Mackintosh in 1988, and Gerber in 2007. Nestle has many controversies which are facing criticism and boycotts on its marketing of baby formula milk powder as an alternative to breastfeeding in developing countries especially in the African region; it harasses on child labor in cocoa production and also in the production and promotion of bottled water.

Recently, Nestle Health Science has made several purchases. Nestle acquired Vitaflo which makes clinical nutritional products for people who have genetic disorders; CM&D Pharma Ltd. is a company that specializes in the development of medicines for patients with chronic conditions like kidney disease and Prometheus Laboratories which is a firm specializing in the treatments for gastrointestinal diseases and cancer.

Nestle also maintains the minority stake in Vital Foods which is a New Zealand-based company that develops kiwifruit-based solutions for digestive conditions in 2012. Nestle declared that it would lower the sugar amount in Kit Kat, Yorkie and Aero chocolate bars by 10% within 2018. In July 2018, it followed a similar announcement regarding the reduction of sugar content in its breakfast cereals in the UK.

Ulf Mark Schneider-ceo of Nestle
Ulf Mark Schneider-CEO of Nestle

Nestle discloses a $20.8 billion share buyback in June 2017 which is the following publication of a letter written by Third-Point Management founder Mr. Daniel S. Loeb that is the Nestlé’s 4th largest stakeholder with a $3.5 billion stake which explaining how the firm should modify its business structure.

Therefore, the firm will allegedly focus investment in sectors such as coffee and pet care and will seek investments in the consumer health-care industry. Nestlé S.A. gained a majority stake of Blue Bottle in September 2017. At that time the deal’s financial details were not disclosed which is reported in Financial Times “Nestle is made to be paying up to $500m for the 68 percent stake in Blue Bottle”.

Nestle Stock- Latest Nestle Stock Price
Nestle Stock- Latest Nestle Stock Price

This year Blue Bottle expects to increase sales by 70%. Nestlé also announced the launch of the Nestle Alumni Network through a strategic partnership with SAP & Enterprise Alumni to run their over 1 million Alumni globally in October 2018. Recently Nestlé also announced to sell Gerber Life Insurance for $1.55 billion.

The Joint Ventures of Nestle

  • Cereal Partners Worldwide with General Mills (50%/50%).
  • Beverage Partners Worldwide with The Coca-Cola Company (50%/50%).
  • Nestlé Modelo with Grupo Modelo.
  • Dairy Partners America Brasil with Fonterra (51%/49%).
  • Lactalis Nestlé Produits Frais with Lactalis (40%/60%).
  • Nestlé Colgate-Palmolive with Colgate-Palmolive (50%/50%).
  • Nestlé Indofood Citarasa Indonesia with Indofood (50%/50%).
  • Nestlé Snow with Snow Brand Milk Products (50%/50%).


Bank of America

Bank of America Stock Price Raising Rapidly

The “Bank of America” is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company. The headquarter of Bank of America is in Charlotte, North Carolina and also have central hubs in New York, London, Hong Kong, Minneapolis, and Toronto.


Bank of America was founded in 1998 through NationsBank’s acquisition of Bank America. Bank of America is the 2nd largest banking institution in the United States after JPMorgan Chase. Because it is the part of the Big Four, it services almost 10.73% of all-American bank deposits which is in direct competition with Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase. Bank of America’s primary financial services is focused on commercial banking, wealth management, and investment banking.

Because of the series of mergers and acquisitions Bank of America they have built its commercial banking business by creating Merrill Lynch for wealth management and Bank of America Merrill Lynch for investment banking in 2008 and 2009. Because both the divisions carry the “Merrill Lynch” signage which is the former and often referred to as “Merrill Lynch Wealth Management” to convert itself from the latter. Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management hold on to large market shares in their respective offerings.

Bank of America Credit Cards
Bank of America Credit Cards

At that time the investment bank is viewed within the “Bulge Bracket” because of the 3rd largest investment bank in the world, according to 2018. Bank of America’s wealth management department manages approximately US$1.081 trillion in assets under management (AUM) which is the 2nd largest wealth manager in the world, after UBS. On the other hand, in commercial banking Bank of America run but it does not necessarily maintain retail branches in all 50 states of the United States, but they do operate in the District of Columbia and more than 40 other countries.

Bank of America’s commercial banking footstep encapsulates 46 million consumer and small business relationships approximately at 4,600 banking centers and in 15,900 automated teller machines (ATMs).

Bank of America Stock Price (Latest)
Bank of America Stock Price (Latest)

According to August 2018, Bank of America has a $313.5 billion market capitalization which is creating it the 13th largest company in the world. Because it is the 6th largest American public company which also preserved $102.98 billion in sales reported in June 2018. Bank of America was also ranked 24th on the 2018 Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

Bank of America was got the name of “World’s Best Bank” by the Euromoney Institutional Investor on their 2018 Awards for Excellence.

In October 1998, NationsBank of Charlotte secured BankAmerica, which was the largest bank acquisition in history at that time. When the NationsBank was the nominal survivor and, at that time, the merged bank took the better-known name of Bank of America.

Rather than, the holding company was renamed Bank of America Corporation and NationsBank, N.A. merged with Bank of America NT&SA to redesign Bank of America, N.A. as the remaining legal bank entity. Although, the merged company still has the headquartered in Charlotte, and also maintain NationsBank’s pre-1998 stock price history. Furthermore, all U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classifying before 1998, which are listed under NationsBank, not Bank of America. Also, NationsBank president, chairman, and CEO Hugh McColl maintain the same roles with the merged company.

Bank of America CEO-Brian Moynihan
Bank of America CEO-Brian Moynihan

Bank of America owns combined assets of $570 billion as well as 4,800 branches in 22 states. The Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM) division runs the investment assets of institutions and individuals. It involves the businesses of Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management and U.S. Trust and represented by 21% of the company’s total revenue.

Bank of America is in the 10th largest U.S. wealth managers. Bank of America has over $2.5 trillion of client balances. GWIM also has five primary lines of businesses such as Premier Banking & Investments, The Private Bank, Family Wealth Advisors, and Bank of America Specialist.

Walmart-Walmart Photo

Walmart- The Best Discount Store’s Stock Price Having J-Curve

Walmart is an American multinational retail company. Walmart operates a chain of hypermarkets; discount-department stores; and grocery stores. The headquarter of Walmart is in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton founded Walmart in 1962, and it incorporated on October 31, 1969.

Sam Walton-Walmart Founder
Sam Walton-Walmart Founder

Walmart also owns Sam’s Club retail warehouses. According to July 31, 2019, Walmart has total 11,389 stores in 27 countries which are operating under 55 different names. Walmart serves in japan as Seiyu Group and also as the Best Price in India.

The world’s largest company by the revenue is Walmart. According to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2019, the estimated value is US$514.405 billion. Walmart also is known as the largest private employer in the world, with 2.2 million employees. Walmart is a publicly-traded family-owned business because the Walton family controls the company.

Walmart Stock- Walmart stock quotes
Walmart Stock- Walmart stock quotes

According to the report, Sam Walton’s heirs own over 50 percent of Walmart, including their holding company Walton Enterprises and also their holdings. Walmart is the biggest U.S. grocery retailer, and 65 percent of Walmart’s US$510.329 billion sales came from only U.S. operations. In 1988 it was reported that Walmart was the most profitable business in the U.S.

The company was geographically limited to the South and lower Midwest, but later Walmart had stored from coast to coast by the early 1990s. In New Jersey, Sam’s Club was opened in November 1989, and after that In July 1990, the first outlet at California opened in Lancaster, California. Walmart stores opened in New York, Pennsylvania in October 1990, which was the first main store in the Northeast.

Walmart has a dynamic investment outside America which has seen a mixed result. Walmart’s services and subsidiaries are highly successful in the United Kingdom, Central America, South America, and China, but Walmart’s operations failed in Germany and South Korea.

Walmart declared several environmental plans to increase energy efficiency and also to improve its overall ecological situation, which had previously been missing. Walmart’s primary goals included spending $500 million a year to increase the fuel efficiency in its truck fleet by 25% over three years and then double it within ten which will decline greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in seven years that reduce energy use at stores by 30 percent it also eliminate solid waste from U.S. stores and Sam’s Clubs by 25 percent in last three years.

CEO Lee Scott of Walmart said that Walmart’s goal was to be a “good steward of the environment” and use only renewable energy sources and create zero waste. It also made three new experimental stores with wind turbines, photovoltaic solar panels, water-cooled refrigerators, biofuel-capable boilers, and xeriscape gardens.

Discount Store-Discount
Discount Store-Discount

Walmart revealed that it was paying a total of US$933.6 million in bonuses to every full and part-time hourly worker. Not only this, it was in addition to $788.8 million in profit sharing, 401k pension contributions, merchandise discounts, and contributions to the employees’ stock purchase plan. On February 22, 2010, Walmart announced it was planning video streaming company Vudu, Inc. for an estimated $100 million.

Walmart revealed that it would change its corporate name to Walmart Inc. from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. on December 6, 2017, which was effective February 1, 2018. On January 11, 2018, Walmart declared that 63 Sam’s Club locations in cities including Memphis, Houston, Seattle, and others would be closing. Most of the stores closed without notifying employees and few employees learned by a company-wide email. Walmart claimed that ten of the stores would become e-commerce stores, and ex-employees can reapply to work at those locations.

According to Business Insider magazine, over 11,000 workers will be affected because of this decision. Later on the same day, Walmart declared that because of the new law of taxation it would be increasing Walmart starting wages, distributing bonuses, expanding its leave policies and will contributing toward the cost of employees’ adoptions.

Walmart CEO-Doug McMillon
Walmart CEO-Doug McMillon

Walmart’s CEO, Doug McMillon, added that “We are early in the stages of assessing the opportunities tax and the reform creates for us to invest in our customers and associates and strengthen our business which will also benefit our shareholders.


The insurance corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

The insurance corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is an insurance corporation in British Columbia which was created in 1973 by the NDP government of Premier Dave Barrett. The main purpose of ICBC was to give universal and affordable compulsory public auto insurance in British Columbia in the term of operating a non-profit basis.

nicholas jimenez-ceo icbc
Nicholas Jimenez- Current CEO of ICBC

In March 2010, Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government declared that it would require ICBC to pay the province dividends and the amount of $778 million over three years which was the signaling of the end of ICBC’s operation as a non-profit Crown corporation, also making it the only for-profit public auto insurance provider in Canada.

All the dividends totaled $1.2 billion. After that ICBC’s creation took its responsibilities to expanded to include driver licensing, vehicle registration, and various road safety initiatives.

They created an insurance package which is the basic coverage called “Autoplan,” this includes protection from third party legal liability, hit-and-run protection, under-insured motorist protection, accident benefits, and inverse liability.

Later ICBC continues to both hold a monopoly basic insurance and offer optional additional coverage also. ICBC decides its premiums on a client’s claims history just like the other insurance companies which is the type of automobile, and geographic location.

ICBC’s discount plan called “Roadstar” and “Roadstar Gold” these rewards safe drivers with reduced premiums on the bases of the number of years the driver has been free of successful claims against him/her.

ICBC is managed by a board of directors who decide according to the laws of the Insurance Corporation Act, ICBC’s enabling statute. The board of directors, the CEO, and ICBC management run according to the corporate governance best practices and according to with the provisions of the enabling legislation and the Motor Vehicle Act also with the other legislation are applicable to ICBC and directives from the provincial Cabinet Committee. The proof of insurance is demonstrated which is in part by the application of a decal to the license plate.

Car Insurance - ICBC Roadstar
Car Insurance – ICBC Roadstar

Then the rates are applicable to ICBC’s basic automobile insurance coverage which are subject to the review of ICBC and are set by the British Columbia Utilities Commission. However, in practice, the Cabinet of the provincial government holds and controls the ICBC’s rate-setting through its capacity to set target financial outcomes such as capital reserve ratios and profits, also through ICBC’s ability to issue Special Directives to the BCUC.

The total revenue controlled by the Corporation goes mostly on paying insurance benefits and operational costs. The surplus is devoted to fulfilling ICBC’s commission to develop safe driving which is the “RoadSense” campaign; also, various other loss prevention strategies. On November 23, 2016 the provincial government declared that ‘luxury’ cars which worth over $150,000 will no longer be insured by ICBC.

Later in 2016, there were almost 3000 cars in this class insured by ICBC which the government claimed that this change would save almost $2.3 million per year in total. Also, later on, that year high-end car dealers have criticized this change they also argue that it would be better to manage the rates that these car owners pay rather than ignore an entire segment of vehicles on the road but they were not succeeded.



ExxonMobil Discovered Oil on Offshore Guyana at Tripletail

ExxonMobil released press notice stated that it discovered oil on the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana at the Tripletail. It’s located in the Turbot area. The discovery includes the previous press release estimated recoverable resource of more than six billion barrels of oil on the Stabroek.

Tripletail-1 came into contact with approximately 108 feet (33 meters) of a high-quality oil-bearing mechanical sedimentary rock reservoir.

“This discovery helps to further inform the enlargement of the Turbot area,”

“Together with our partners, ExxonMobil is deploying industry-leading powers to identify projects that can be enlarged efficiently and in a cost-efficient way.”

Mike Cousins, senior vice president of exploration and new ventures at ExxonMobil said that in a press briefing. Exploration and enlargement activities are climbing forward somewhere else on the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana.


ExxonMobil is an American multinational oil and gas corporation also one of the world’s largest companies. The headquarter of ExxonMobil is in Irving, Texas. It was formed by the merge of two different companies Exxon and Mobil; on November 30, 1999, it became ExxonMobil. The primary brands of ExxonMobil are Exxon, Mobil, Esso, and ExxonMobil Chemical.

By revenue ExxonMobil is one of the largest companies in this world; it varied from 1st to 6th largest publicly traded company by capitalization. ExxonMobil was ranked 9th globally in the Forbes Global 2000 list in 2016. It also thee 10th profitable company globally. In 2018 it was ranked 2nd in the Forbes 500 by revenue.

ExxonMobil Stock quote

The largest shareholders of ExxonMobil include The Vanguard Group (8.15%), BlackRock (6.61%), and State Street Corporation (4.83%). It is one of the world’s largest oil companies. according to 2007, ExxonMobil had a daily production of 3.921 million BOE (barrels of oil equivalent) but significantly smaller amounts than national companies.

As of 2008, this was approximately 3% of world production that is less than several of the largest state-owned petroleum companies. ExxonMobil also is the world’s biggest oil refiner.

ExxonMobil produces 2,325,000 BPD or $967,432,500 per year all by itself and to maintain gross revenue in Iraq at low prices. This term is considered to be beneficial to the big oil consumer countries and let Exxon produce higher profit crude oil products such as plastic, lubricant, fertilizer, medication, and clothing.

ExxonMobil bought XTO Energy which is the company focused on the development and production of unconventional resources in 2010.

ExxonMobil Discovered Oil

Then ExxonMobil started strategic cooperation with Russian oil company Rosneft to make the East-Prinovozemelsky field in the Kara Sea and the Tuapse field in the Black Sea in 2011. ExxonMobil signed an agreement with Rosneft to assess possibilities to produce tight oil from Bazhenov and Achimov formations in Western Siberia in 2012.

In 2018, because of international sanctions imposed against Russia and Rosneft after that ExxonMobil announces that it will end these joint ventures with Rosneft, but will continue the Sakhalin-I project. ExxonMobil estimates its cost would be about $200 million after-tax. In 2012, ExxonMobil began a coalbed methane development in Australia that they withdrew from the project in 2014.

In November 2013, ExxonMobil announced to sell its majority stakes in a Hong Kong-based utility and power storage firm the Castle Peak Co Ltd which was for a total of $3.4 billion, to CLP Holdings. In 2014, ExxonMobil had 2 “non-monetary” asset swap deals with LINN Energy LLC with these transactions that ExxonMobil gave to LINN part of interests in the South Belridge and Hugoton gas fields signed the deal in the exchange of assets in the Permian Basin in Texas and the Delaware Basin in New Mexico.

ceo ExxonMobil-Darren Woods
New CEO ExxonMobil-Darren Woods

On December 13, 2016, the CEO of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson who was nominated as The Secretary of State by President-elect Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s administration disagreed the request from ExxonMobil to let it resume oil drilling in Russia which happened in April 2017.

The representative Adam Schiff added that the “Treasury Department should deny any waiver from sanctions, this would allow Exxon Mobile or any other company to resume business with prohibited Russian entities.

In July 2017, ExxonMobil filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration challenging the finding that the company infringed sanctions imposed on Russia. William Holbrook said that ExxonMobil had to follow “clear guidance from the White House and Treasury Department especially when its representatives signed documents which involve ongoing oil and gas activities in Russia with Rosneft”.

After that Washington D.C. increased sanctions on Iran which was a rocket landed near residential headquarters of ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Eni SpA in June 2019. This whole issue came after two separate attacks on the United States Military which were bases in Iraq. After that two oil tankers being hit by a ‘flying object’ in the Gulf of Oman.

ExxonMobil Reward Program

To provide values to the customers ExxonMobil launched a reward program. A person can earn points and can redeem the points to purchase fuel, convenience store items, and car washes.

ExxonMobil Rewards Plus
ExxonMobil Rewards Plus

According to February 6, 2019, the current members of the ExxonMobil management committee are

  • Darren W. Woods, CEO.
  • Neil A. Chapman, senior vice president.
  • Andrew P. Swiger, senior vice president and principal financial officer.
  • Jack P. Williams, senior vice president.


Can Drinking Tea Really Help You To Lose Weight?

Can Drinking Tea Really Help You To Lose Weight? Updated 2020

There I was standing in the wilds of Africa with a massive, red, venomous snake looking right at me and a single thought racing through my mind –“why in the world did I risk my life for this cup of tea?” The truth is I was looking for what I considered to be the weight loss “holy grail” – a tea that legend claimed completely erased hunger pangs. The story so intrigued me that I decided to leave the comfort of my home in the US and venture into a remote area of Africa populated by a Kenyan tribe to find out if the tales about this ‘voodoo tea’ were true.


What I discovered changed my life, in that it has allowed me to lose 41 pounds of unwanted fat.


That’s right, not only did the tea really exist (and it’s definitely not ‘voodoo’) but it turned out to be even better than the stories let on.


You see, not only does the tea get rid of hunger pangs; it also activates your body’s natural ability to burn fat. On top of all that, it also boosts your energy without containing potentially harmful caffeine.


I’m going to tell you all about this incredible tea, including how you can get the recipe, in just a minute. But before I do that, let me explain in a little more detail how I ended up in the jungles of Africa.


The first thing you should know about me is that I have degrees in both Psychology and Naturopathy and for over 10 years, I’ve been a practicing Naturopath (ND) specializing in healing through nutrition.


Basically, what that means is, I help people lose weight and improve their health through their diet. Naturally, when I heard about this amazing tea, I was excited.


The fact that I heard the story while I was battling excess weight myself is ultimately what led me to Africa.


At that time, my pregnancy had really taken a toll on me. After multiple complications, I was put on bed rest … I spent 80% of my time stuck in bed, and I was forced to give up the active lifestyle I loved.


I became sluggish. I felt exhausted all the time. Eventually, I developed a sweet tooth, and I absolutely lost control of my weight.


I felt like a fraud.

Here I was helping people all over the country lose weight and get the bodies they wanted while I was lying in bed looking worse than I have in my entire life.


Honestly, I felt disgusted with myself,

and even though my husband was very supportive, telling me he didn’t care what I looked like, I knew deep down he just wasn’t attracted to me anymore.


Finally, I decided to face the music. I got on the scale one day after having my baby and saw that I was 41 pounds over my target weight.


I couldn’t believe it. I went back to bed and cried.


If you’ve ever gained extra fat, if you’ve ever felt like your body was out of control, I know how you feel. More importantly, I now have a solution that works. It’s fast, easy, and it tastes delicious. I’m going to tell you more about this tea in just a second.


This is the very same tea that helped me drop every one of those 41 hard-to-lose pounds. I feel that weight loss coupled with the success stories of so many others who have followed my program more than just my “crazy” trip deep into the jungles of Africa.


Now, about that tea…


To put it simply, red tea has the most remarkable “fat-flushing” action I’ve discovered in 15 years of traveling the world as a Medical Maverick.


I’ve seen some truly mind-blowing fat-loss results, but this red tea is by far the most impressive, most incredible thing I’ve ever discovered.


In studying the tea, I’ve learned that its 5 unique ingredients are scientifically proven to trick stubborn fat cells to open and release hard-to-lose fat.


That means it’s now possible to flush away years — if not decades — of unwanted fat simply by drinking this powerful beverage.


Without getting too much into the science and boring you, the five herbal ingredients basically work in harmony to transmit signals from your brain to your fat cells to burn unwanted fat. It allows you to shrink your fat cells without any feelings of hunger.


Up until now one of the main problems with trying to lose fat (especially around your belly) has always been getting stubborn fat cells to “let go” of the “locked in fat” so the body can flush harmful toxins and fat away.”


Due to cutting-edge research, we now know that the hormone “Noradrenaline” may hold the key to unlocking fat cells and shrinking them.


In a landmark study at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), part of the NIH, researchers showed that Noradrenaline is an arousing hormone known to control cell volume. (NIH/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. “Brain may flush out toxins during sleep; Sleep clears brain of molecules associated with neurodegeneration: Study.” ScienceDaily. (accessed July 2, 2017).


In other words, Noradrenaline is what causes the action of “the incredible shrinking fat cell.” It signals your body to start using your belly fat for energy.


Now here is the really good news:


People who drink this delicious red tea experience increased Noradrenaline production. That’s why they lose a lot of weight, particularly in the typically hard-to-lose belly area.


Let me repeat what I just said:


Results show that fat cell size and fat storing volume actually shrinks when you drink this red tea!


That is revolutionary information – and the benefits of drinking this tea don’t just stop with weight loss.


When I started drinking this incredibly delicious red tea, my entire mood changed. Instead of being exhausted, I had a ton of natural energy.


This red tea was unbelievably refreshing, and when I drank it, I was never hungry.


Drinking red tea also helped me completely eliminate my soda addiction.


I also noticed after a few days of drinking the red tea that I was sweating less. And my breathing was easier, in spite of the intense African heat, which often rose to a scorching 105 degrees!


Plus, even though I had to climb a massive hill to get to the village every day, I actually had more energy than ever before.


I started sleeping better and waking up more rested and refreshed. I was even more relaxed and calm, despite having to deal with the hordes of flies that were in the area!


And that’s still not all the benefits that I noticed, my stress level dropped, and I was happier than I’d been in a very long time.


Of course, the weight loss was what really got my attention. The weight was really falling off me.


I lost almost 20 pounds that first month.


That’s when I knew … I wasn’t crazy about making that trip to Africa. In fact, it was probably the best decision of my life! I think red tea might just be one of the biggest weight loss discoveries of the past 50 to 100 years.


It is certainly working for many people who have struggled to lose weight in the past. To learn about the five ingredients that make up red tea (all are available at the local grocery store) click here. You’ll also learn more about how red tea can help you lose weight and get the body of your dreams.


Discover how red tea can help you fix your own “fat-burning glitch” visit today.