Top 36 Reasons For Business Failure

36 Reasons for Business Failure

You may hear the word “thirty-six” by many people. So what does this “thirty-six” word mean? It is mainly used for the negative connotation, such as thirty-six types of people; you have thirty-six types of tantrums; you are making the same mistakes thirty-six times.

Now I will tell you about thirty-six reasons for business failure, which are those thirty-six reasons that are creating negative growth in your business. Let’s discuss the ideas.

Top 36 Reasons For Business Failure

1. Building something that people don’t need

You created some products that are users unfriendly, or you ignored the customer’s need. Then why will they buy your product?

People buy things when they must need products. So if you think that your product is very customer friendly, but your customer didn’t find them that much useful, then there will be no reason customers will buy your products or take a risk to pay you to advance.

So building something that people don’t need may decrease your business growth.

2. Hiring poorly or not the right team

Some times wrong hiring may cause you disruptive, harmful, costly, and annoying. Cheap recruitment may costs you badly.

If you don’t have the right workforces or your team is not ready yet, you will not be able to control the business anymore.

You will only remain as an operator, and you can’t be a controller of your business to raise it properly. That may costs you a lot.

3. Lack of focus

Maybe you’re working too much, producing too many products, visiting too many territories, or visiting too many markets, but you don’t have complete focus on your business. That will be a big reason for your business failure.

So no matter how much you’re working, your lacking of attention may decrease your business growth.

4. Stuck in legal issues

If you are not able to follow compliances and legal issues that will become one of the biggest reasons for your business failure.

  • You have to regulate government compliances properly such as
  • What will be the trademarks of your business?
  • What are the details business certifications you may need
  • What types of legal papers do you need to complete?
  • What should be written in the contract papers? or
  • Where to sign in the contract papers?

If you can’t regulate these issues, you may risk your business.

So be careful about agreements and legal issues.

5. Failure to execute sales and marketing

If you are not able to make the below points, you will bring loss to your business. These are-

  • If you can’t bear the right scheme of marketing
  • If you can’t up-sell, cross-sell, or re-sell the product
  • If you don’t have the right pricing strategy
  • If you can’t do proper marketing
  • If you’re using expensive marketing methods such as advertising on television, FM radio,
  • If you can’t measure digital campaigns properly
  • If you can’t bring customer acquisition cheaply.

6. Bad location

Sometimes the right place becomes the wrong choice. It will be the wrong choice of the situation if you want to open a small restaurant in front of a big mall or restaurant. Then if you are hiring or buying a restaurant with a big budget that will impact your PLA or profit and loss account. If the total location expenses are more significant than your full monthly or yearly turn over, it will lead to your business loss.

7. Getting outcompeted

Not tracking competitors or too much competition may cause losses to your business. If your business ideas can be easily copied or anyone has done it before, if you enter late in that business without understanding the competition strategy, or if you don’t build the competitive advantages, then your business will face loss.

8. Not having the right partners or co-founders

If you choose the wrong partner or wrong co-founder, it will hamper your business. You should select such a co-founder or partner that will support you whenever you fail. You both must have complimenting strength like if your partner is the action man or idea man, then you become the people man or process man or if your partner is the people, man or process man than you should become the action man or idea man.

If your co-founder or partner is doing the same as yours, then your business will not improve. Choose someone who will give the best in their sector.

9. Cash burn or not been able to raise money

If there are more cash burn and less fundraising from the beginning, then you may face loss in your business. If there is not adequate money in your business, then there is no chance of profit in your industry.

10. Not being able to execute a pivot or not learning from your failures

If you can’t build an improvement cycle, then you will face loss. All the big companies or brands which bring the first product is not their last product. They bring pivot, J- curve.

Pivot: Pivot is if a brand or company makes any fundamental changes to business by doing market researches. As their products are not able to complete the needs of their customer, they change the outcome. Companies will continue to pivot as they discover new opportunities or break the business according to customer demand. The main focus of pivot strategies is to attract new types of customers.

J- curve: J- curve starts from the down and goes up according to your work growth.

Always learn from your failure, evolve the brand, and still do proper observation.

11. Raising too much money

If your business has less margin but more cash flow, in that case, you will face loss in your industry. Don’t collect or loan so much money in less margin business. If you bring a lot of money, you cannot properly utilize all the money, or you can spend the money in some unnecessary sectors.

12. Lack of planning

Without planning the whole journey, if you enter the business, then you may face significant losses. If your business plan doesn’t include a mentor, coach, guide, or trainer, you don’t have an ideal business plan. Without a mentor, coach, guide, and Trainor, your business plan may not succeed.

13. Chasing investor not user

Some people make mistakes by focusing on investors. But if you give your full attention to the user or the customer, you will never require any investor. You should consider the entire priority of what your user or customer wants. The user or customer will give you the advance money, which will help you in your start-up. So, chasing investors will be the wrong decision for your business.

14. Leadership/ strategic failure

If you can not make a proper strategy or cannot correctly understand the policy, then your business will face loss. There are fifty types of plans for the company. You have to understand every standard. You can also get the information about the rules from ‘Everything About Entrepreneurship.’

15. Wrong partner and alliances

If you choose the wrong partner and alliances, then it will be a bad decision. If you have a weak vendor, contractors, investors, partners, partnerships, strategic partnerships, cross-promotion partners, barters partner, then we will face loss in your business. If your supplier is weak, you will get an ineffective product. So always try to choose partners and alliances wisely.

16. No differentiation

Differentiation is an essential point for your business. You have to distinguish why customers will come to your company. What differences you have that no one can give it to him, why they will choose your product over much other merchandise from markets, what value you give him to accept you, and reject it other product or companies. If you cannot see differentiation about your customer needs, you cannot prosper in your business.

17. Wrong business model

Another wrong decision is if you create a faulty business model. Business usually depends on two points- method and model. Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, Richard, and Maurice, the founder of Mcdonalds, Caleb Bradham, Pepsi, A.G Candler, the founder of Coca-Cola, build the ideal business model that still no one can take it over. So make your business model as much durable as you can.

18. No revenue model

The business model’s primary focus is scalability, and the revenue model is all about income possibilities. If your business is like the income is late or no income, then the revenue model will become weak, which may cause the closure of your business.

19. Over expansion

Expansion without the right margin is committing suicide because scale kills. Try hard to start up your business correctly; don’t try to focus only on development.

20. Bad debts

Bad debts mean suppose you are giving a mortgage to someone who will never return your debts. Every penny is significant. So if you have bad debts, then there is no chance to succeed in your business.

21. Macroeconomic factors

Macroeconomic factors are those that you cannot control, such as earthquakes and pandemic outbreaks (coronavirus). It is not easy to manage coronavirus because we still do not have any vaccine or cure. So, it will impact our whole economy.

22. Slow execution

If you don’t know how to execute or how to do a framework, then you can face a severe loss in your business. Framework includes-

  • How to execute?
  • How to track?
  • How to make a scoreboard?
  • How to check results?
  • How to review accountability?

If you have to make a business plan, you also have to execute it at the last level. Companies don’t face loss due to strategy; it may fail because of the plan’s execution.

23. Wrong target and positioning

When don’t you understand your position or target, or what your product positions are, such as its value for money product? Premium product? Chinese goods product? Or are you from the opportunistic market? Then you may face loss. Xiaomi has its position, Apple has its place, and Maruti has its stand, Mercedes has its location, and these companies do their business according to their positions.

24. Premature scaling

If you start the advertisement, expansion, business growth at the wrong time, you should understand the right time for scaling. The first thing is pilot, experimentation, and validation, then comes scalability and expansion. Pilot, experimentation, and validation means the customer will tell you whether you’re doing right or wrong and gives you advance, which means your business model is great, and you’re going right.

25. Ignoring user feedback

If you never check the review, or if you don’t have any model or any methods in which customer will leave their compliments. First of all, create a platform that should be private, not public. He may give the compliments or review through E-mail, feedback form, phone calls, meetings. When you get the study, try to improve as soon as possible.

26. Lack of profit or cash

Profit and cash are different issues. Profit means when you buy a product in 100 rupees and sell it in 150 rupees, that means you get 50 rupees profit, and cash means you purchase a product in 100 rupees and sell the same product in 150 rupees, but you don’t get the payment or credit. If your experience delayed payment, then you will face the loss in your business.

27. Wrong time to market

When you launch at the wrong time, it is definitely may cause you to lose in the business. If you are starting any product in Bhagalpur, Kanpur, Jaipur, Mirzapur, or Kharagpur, customers don’t need this product at that moment. This product is only demandable in Delhi, Mumbai, or Bengaluru, and you’re forcefully taking the products in the TR3 or TR4 level. Due to the wrong timing, you may receive customers lately, and after losing your working capital, you may burn out your cash.

28. Inadequate inventory management

If you’re blocking your cash by overflowing the inventory unnecessarily, you are making a big mistake. Your inventory will bring money to you. You have to manage your inventory smoothly that will help you to bring your money quickly.

29. No passion

If you choose a business where profit is more, but there is a lack of passion, you will face loss. If you have a passion for that business, you will get courage and energy. Don’t get involved only seeing the business model.

30. Scaling without technology

Are you thinking about the growth of your business without building the technology, then it will lead you to a significant loss in your industry. According to Dr. Mohan Das Pai, “You should expand your business through technology.”  You don’t have to hire more workforce, don’t have to open office frequently, don’t have to set up factories regularly, don’t have to create infrastructure, don’t have to bring machines often. You should keep focusing only on technology. That will help you to expand your business at a low cost.

31. Personal use of business fund

If you take a loan from the business, then never use it for your expenses. Fix a monthly salary for yourself also because it is not only your money. Every employee from your company deserves the money. So, if you’re thinking of buying a car, house, or go on a vacation in this money, it will be the biggest mistake for you.

32. No succession planning

You have to choose your future leadership; you have to create your next team. You have to determine who will come after you for guidance, also select someone who can manage the business without you. You have to choose a successor by technology, team, and training who will handle your business correctly in your absence.

33. Failure to identify the opportunity gap

You can become a failure if you can’t identify the opportunity gap. You have to understand future delaying thinking. You should follow the problems which may occur in the future and can easily differentiate the big opportunity gap. Create something that will instantly capture the market, and you can take the premium charges by adopting the problems.

34. Bad product experience

If the customer faces any bad experiences, then they will not return to buy your product anymore. The golden statement is, “Sales marketing can bring the customer, but Product quality will make customers stick to your product.”

35. Untrained or disharmonious team members

You may create a team, but they can’t easily cope up with your changing organizations. Either you can’t train them correctly, or you are not able to manage their harmonies. Due to politics, your business execution may become slow. If there is disharmony between employes, your business growth speed will decrease. It is a big issue for your business because your team will help you in expanding your business.

36. LTVC ( Long term value of customer )

If you can’t produce repeated customers, if you can’t build a recurring revenue business, If you can’t manage the passive income, which will bring you money in the future, then you will face loss in your industry.

Final Verdict

These 36 reasons can make you a failure. Please note down these Thirty-six points and rate your company or organizations by these thirty-six points. Check properly between these points, where you are qualified, and where you are not qualified. Discuss with your team members whether you are going right or wrong and share with your investors and customers.

amazon vs walmart

5 Trillion Dollar War – Amazon vs Walmart

If you say that you do not know the name of Amazon and Walmart, then the article about “Amazon vs Walmart” is nothing but a waste of time for you.

But if you are an entrepreneur or a person who is curious about the economic facts and business models, then this article can be a jackpot for you.

Amazon vs Walmart

Here the difference between Walmart and Amazon will be shown and how the competition between the two will be. At first, Patrick Bet David focused on measuring these two companies that are Amazon and Walmart.

Employee Count

Amazon has 650 thousand employees worldwide, and Walmart has 2.2 million employees worldwide, and that’s more than three times.


Amazon is running 75 fulfillment establishments in the US, and Walmart has 42.


Amazon revenue last year was  281, where Walmart this 514 billion dollars in taxes last year.

Amazon’s profits in 2019 were 11.6 billion, where Walmart’s was 6.67 billion.

Let’s get that straight Amazon is doing 281 billion years, but they profiting 11.6 and Walmart did 514 billion, but they are benefiting half twice the revenue half the number of net profits.

Physical Stores

Physical stores amazon has shy of 600, including whole foods, which are about 500 or those 600 where Walmart has 11300 stores worldwide.

Five thousand nine hundred in the US and another forty-seven hundred outside the US.

Growth With E-commerce

E-commerce business amazon added their two hundred eighty billion dollars of revenue, and 141 more than 50 percent came just from online e-commerce, but for Walmart, it’s only 22.4 billion.

The number to keep in mind for Walmart on the online e-commerce business, that’s coming in as the following.

They did 22.4 billion last year in 2019, but they did 11.5 billion a year before that means they are doubling their plane offense to get that number going up.

Selling Capability

Amazon can sell three hundred and fifty-three million different products, where Walmart sells 35 million different products. (According to the companies daily sales report)

In their physical stores, it’s only a hundred and twenty thousand different products in-store. It’s essential to keep this number of mind one thousand twenty thousand products within the store thirty-five million online.

Amazon’s and Walmart’s Competition

Amazon’s place is fourteen in website ranking, and Walmart is in the 135th position, which is not good.

So here, Amazon is trying to be Walmart, and Walmart is trying to be amazon. Amazon is looking at Walmart’s, and this was not thinkable that they would-be competitors. But they have 11 thousand physical stores.

So if Walmart wanted to do immediate same day shipping and delivery to you, they could do it. At Walmart, 90 percent of Americans have a Walmart within 10 miles, and 140 million people shop at Walmart every week, and that scare Amazon a little bit.

But on the other side, Walmart is sitting there saying they are more prominent, but if they don’t get their act together, these guys are going to pass them up in no time. So it’s better to learn what they are doing.

Revenue Analytics

Now look at the revenues, Amazon revenue, and Walmart revenue; we are going to go back to 2014. In 2014, Amazon revenue was only eighty-nine million dollars, and they then lost 241 million dollars, and this is that calls on amazon investor call everybody used to say jeff what are we going to start seeing profits.

What are we going to start viewing prophecy would say just trust me, trust me long term, long term, and long time. Next, he gets 596 million dollars of profits next year 135 and 2.4 billion benefits 177 3 billion profits 232 out of 10.1 billion dollars in profits more than three times per year prior.

Then he goes to 280.5 billion and 11.6 billion dollars of profits. So now 11.6 billion dollars of profits. It’s nearly twice as much as Walmart. Now look at Walmart 2014, Walmart’s already knew in fallen and 76 B dollars.

It’s not a big difference, but their profits are 16 billion per year. Next year they go to 485 little growth still 16 billion. Next year they go to 495 benefits go lower 14.6 make sure they go to 485 profits go lower 13.6.

Next year they go 500 billion profits goal or 9.8 and the last year 2019 they go to 514, but profits go lower to 6.6. Revenues are going like these profits going like this what is happening. Here is what is taking place.

They are making a play out of their playback. They are saying listen Just be patient we are going to get there because they are taking the money, and they are investing in online e-commerce to try to compete with these other guys, and it’s not just online e-commerce when you see what’s taking place.

Amazon’s Revenue

Let’s go to Amazon or Amazon’s game. It is amazon’s revenue of where the revenue comes from remembering how we said, 281 billion dollars, and I told 141 billion dollars of that as e-commerce that’s the number one revenue more than 50%.

Still, the one part that we did not include in this 141 billion is the fact that third-party sellers for amazon sell another 53 billion dollars on amazon.

Which you include those two to get it’s about one hundred 94 billion dollars per year added a 281. So keep that part, we simply separated it to say that’s Amazon’s online stores.

So 53 billion there, then you are going to AWS, which is amazon web services, which we will get into that one in q4 of 2019.

I think it did 9.6 billion, and it grew by 35%, which is insane when you hear those numbers, we will get into what that is I am a customer of AWS on two different companies then you have the subscription which is the prime 19 billion per year.

Nineteen billion is just prime subscription, then you have their physical store 17.19 a big part of it is whole foods, and last but not least is other 14.9 billion whatever another kind of income. Let’s go back to AWS.

List of the companies that use amazon web services

  • Airbnb relies on AWS. Netflix is hosted on AWS.
  • Shopify AWS, NASA, on AWS as well.
  • Adobe, GE, Monstrosity all are on AWS.
  • British petroleum relies on the Amazon web services department of state. Amazon web services Ministry of Justice.
  • Bank of Singapore.

DBS is the department bank of Singapore. It’s the bank of Singapore that uses AWS. It is allowing amazon to make money and lose in other areas.

It’s a cash cow, and this is something where a lot of people can do that and has the advantage for them where they have money coming in from certain places, and they can lose money in other sites.

They don’t care because they have money coming in. It’s an advantage that they have a very very big power that they have AWS. These are the companies that some of the places that revenue is coming from.

Companies Amazon Owns

  • Amazon owns wholefoods
  • IMDb
  • Zappos that amazon holds shoes.
  • Ring
  • Alexa
  • SOUQ that’s an e-commerce platform, like google or amazon, in the middle east.

Their budget for a prime video every year is 4.5 billion. HBO’s is 2 billion dollars, like Amazon is everywhere.

Services Amazon Do Offer

To make our life easy, amazon is developing new services. Some of the most promising services of amazon has been listed here.

Walmart Owned Companies

  • Sam’s club
  • Flipkart
  • Jet-It was a form of amazon, and they pay 3.3 billion dollars.
  • it’s like Netflix, prime. They compete in the market place.

How Are The Things Taking Place?

America spent last year 800 billion dollars on groceries. Only 2% is online. Walmart is trying to get that market like they want to get 10 to 50%. If that gets to 50%, that’s 400 billion dollars.

The entire retail industry was $5 trillion last year. 10% was e-commerce. If the 10% goes to 25%, it would be 5 trillion dollars; that’s a lot of money. They are trying to compete for that marketplace, and both of them are alright.

Now we know how big Walmart is with 90% of Americans have a Walmart within 10 miles radius of a Walmart, and 140 million people shop at Walmart every week.

A lot of people fall in love with Walmart, like Amazon is creating a lot of enemies such as google. Google partners with Walmart on voice-enabled grocery shopping. Walmart got 11,000 formal fulfillments.

There are twenty thousand most popular products that you want to buy. You can order online as Walmart is only ten miles away from you.

The real heavyweight fight is because Amazon’s 650,000 employees are going against  2.2 million employees.

So before you say, Amazon’s going to kill everybody, you should know that there are a lot of Amazon’s enemies behind closed doors are now helping Walmart beating amazon.

Final Verdict

Digital marketing is the backbone of Amazon when Walmart is concerned about every type of marketing.

One thing is common in both of the companies. Both of them have a strong presence in the affiliate marketing world, where product reviews are the fundamental source of customer acquisition.

Amazon’s affiliate program is more popular than Walmart, which made the battle of Amazon vs Walmart more dangerous.

As if a woman wants to buy perfumes, then she must search on google as “best perfumes for women,” and she will get the best source to pick up her favorite one.

low cost airline-EasyJet reviews-EasyJet airlines-Ryanair review-Ryanair airlines

How Low Cost Airlines Like EasyJet and Ryanair Works

Did people want to know how our low-cost airlines so cheap?

Well, it’s another complicated answer but an interesting on. For simplicity and to keep our European fans from feeling left out, we will focus on that European model of low-cost airlines.

While there are low-cost airlines in North America, South Africa, India, Asia, and plenty of asking other places, budget airlines were first successful in Europe and their swear they are still outstanding these days. The magnitude to which airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet decrease the cost in Europe is also much more notable.

Low-cost airlines in the US, which might be ten or twenty percent less costly than their competitors while in Europe, a fare on a budget airline might only cost half or third of what you would pay to a regular airline.

You can regularly find 23-hour flights on a budget airline for less than €10. So how do they work?

Well, unsurprisingly, budget airlines mainly take every expensive part of the flight and make them less expensive. The most important thing an airline company needs is the fleet, and it is possible to spend less on airplanes.

In the months and years following 9/11, the rise of our travel stalled, and most airlines were simply fighting to survive. You can read the following article to know more about Airbus a380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Meanwhile, Ryanair was thriving and placed a large order of 151 737’s from Boeing unbelievably low prices. A circumstance like that luckily is not frequent, but low-cost airlines can place big orders at any time, which helps them to get a bulk discount.

It might seem weird that a low-cost airline would buy brand new airplanes, but the latest planes are the most efficient who are saves well. The fuel efficiency of new aircraft counterbalances the higher price, so EasyJet, Jetblue, Ryanair, and spirit airlines all have more adolescent fleets than any significant airlines.

Low-cost airlines will also typically have only one type of plane. Ryanair operators 737‘s and EasyJet only operates that a320 family.

Having a single type of aircraft’s fleet means that pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and ground staff only need to be trained on that particular type of aircraft, which saves an enormous amount of time and money. Within the planes, budget airlines will Often you would avoid luxuries to keep expenses down.

Ryanair seats, for example, don’t recline because that increases the initial purchase price for seats and also requires more maintenance. The seat design also saves time for flight attendants since there are no seatback pockets to clean between flights.

Flight attendants on budget airlines are often at the beginning of their carriers and receive little training. Of course, they will get the required safety training but only minimal hospitality training. They will also often serve multiple roles. While on the ground, some of the flight attendants might go to the gate and check tickets while others clean the airplane.

Though this, airline eliminates three or four positions that they regularly would pay for. Onboard, flight attendants R of coarse responsible for food and drinks which are rarely free.

Onboard service can be an excellent way for the airline to make money. Many budget airlines also make duty free sales, and Ryanair even sells lottery tickets. Let’s talk about airports.

You are never going to see Ryanair fly to London Heathrow or parish Charles de Gaulle because those airports are expensive. There are only a  set amounts of all flights per day that can operate out of them, so supply And demand dictate that landing fees are high and slots are regulated.

Instead, Ryanair flies to Gatwick, Stansted, or Luton in London or Beauvais in Paris, which by the way, is an eight-minute bus ride away from Paris, is not even technically in the same region of Paris, and has a website.

In a lot of cases, Ryanair or other budget airlines are the only or one of a few airlines flying out of an airport, which gives them substantial negotiating power.

Often they will take a small regional airport area from a city and re-brand it as eat another city airport. They can ask for lower Landing and takeoff prices and, if the airport does not comply, just leave, and the airport will permanently cease to exist.

If there is not a viable cheap airport available around the  City Port,  budget airlines can also fly two regular airports at less busy times when landing fees and the chance of delay might be lower. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty the small details. The planes of budget airlines tend to operate all day nonstop.

For example, in one day,  this Ryanair plane went from Brussels to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Brussels, Brussels to Prague, Prague to Brussels, Brussels to Nimes, Nimes to Brussels, Brussels to Treviso, then finally Treviso to Brussels.

Budget airlines will schedule only 30 to 45 minutes between the landing of one flight to the takeoff of another, Which often leads to delays and leaves very little time to clean the aircraft. This does, however, mean that airplane is always making money and passengers are not paying for that time it is sitting around.

Ever wonder why Southwest does not happen reserved seating? Well, by having a first come first serve system for seats, people almost always show up to get early and line up in an orderly line.

This way, less time is spent on the ground boarding and more time in the flying. Another principle of Budget airlines is the point to point model. Most traditional airlines have hubs where most or all of their flights go in and out of.

British airlines have London, and Air France has Paris, KLM  has Amsterdam to get to most places on these their airlines, you have to connect through their hubs. Budget airlines, on the other hand, try to have a lot of destinations from everywhere.

That does mean, however, that many destinations are served only a few times per week. The cheapest budget airlines don’t even allow for connections between their flights allowing connections at cost because then you have to pay for ground crews to transfer bags, create a more complicated ticketing system, and pay to rebook a passenger If a delay in their first flight makes them miss their second. Speaking of ticketing, there is often no way to get a ticket from a real person from on budget airlines.

Ryanair charges 45 pounds if you fail to print your boarding pass at home, and EasyJet and some other carriers have almost all their check-in handled by machines. This once again cuts down on personnel costs. At the airport, these budget airlines won’t bother using jetways because they are expensive.

They will use steps and just have passengers walk across tarmac or take a bus to the plane. Low-cost airlines make a lot of money If done right.

  • Easyjet (11.15%),
  • Ryanair (24.10%)
  • Wizz Air (10.2%)

all have higher profit margins than Lufthansa (4.03%), British Airways (7.09%), and Air France (2.15%).

Many of the traditional airlines have unionized workers with salary agreements that cannot be changed while the budget airlines can hire anyone and train them in a few months. It is also hard for these traditional airlines to grow.

Any route they make has to be one with a lot of pre-existing demand since much of their business comes from business travelers. Since budget airlines are targeted more towards tourists, any destination that Ryanair, for example, opens up in will become a popular destination just because it is possible to go there for cheap.

Some traditional airlines in Europe are opening their budget airlines to get in on this profit. Air France created Transavia, and Lufthansa created euro wings, both of which are losing massive amounts of money. What they seem to forget is that the US went through this budget airline within an airline face a couple of decades ago.

Delta created the song, which failed. Us Airways created Metrojet, which failed. United created Shuttle, which failed then, they went into bankruptcy and decided they should try again and make Ted, which failed.

None of this worked. Traditional airlines cannot get away from their labor agreements, honest business practices, and devotion to their hubs. The reason Ryanair and EasyJet can succeed where others have failed is significant because they are so broad and flexible.

They have hundreds of planes, hundreds of destinations, thousands of employees, and negotiating power that allows them to overpower competitors. In the end, for us consumers, any competition is good competition. Even failing budget airlines will bring down the cost of traditional airlines and allow asked to travel the world for less.

Syrian Civil War - Syrian War - Syrian War Why

Syrian Civil War – Cause, Analysis & Facts

Syrian civil war is the deadliest conflict in the 21st century. Syria is facing a major civil war without the prospect of peaceful solutions. This is one of the worst things that is happening in the world.

It started because of the Arab Spring, which began in Tunisia 2010 and spread across the region. This research is on the regime under Bashar al- Assad and its root in his ancestors’ regime.

This Syrian Civil War has devastated Syria and its people. The impact of the extended crisis on the economy has been severe. Half a million Syrians have been killed in the five-year civil war.

The war has left families destroyed, flattened towns and cities, and left generations in a state of despair. This paper is on the origins of the Syrian civil war.

This research also focuses on the dynamics of the Syrian civil war and the impacts of this devastating civil war, which is still ongoing.


Sumiya Majmuder Rinta, Department of IR, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)


  • UN United Nations
  • USA United States Of America
  • ISIS Islamic States of Iraq and Syria
  • ISIL Islamic states of Iraq and The Levant
  • GDP Gross domestic product

Chapter I


Syria is the middle east country. It has been facing problems for many years, but once upon a time, it played an essential role in international affairs. But now, Syria is torn by a major civil war.

It started in the Arab spring in 2010. People started protesting against authoritarian regimes. The protesters wanted to bring peace, human rights, democratic government in the country. But later, the peaceful protest turned into a violent civil war. The war turned against humanity.

The world started accusing the Syrian government of their brutal acts against humanity. Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League have suspended Syria’s membership from their organizations. Five years since the conflict began, more than 2500 000 Syrians have been killed, and half of the country’s population has been displaced from their homes.

This civil war helped to grow the world’s most brutal terrorist group named ISIS. This is still an ongoing civil war, and the inhumanity of this war is inexpressible. Syrian civil war is one of the bloodiest, most complicated conflicts in the world today.

I have divided the paper into three sections-Chapter I, II, and III. In chapter I, I will be discussing the Introduction, Research question, Research objectives, Research methodology, and theoretical framework.

In chapter II, I will be discussing the Importance of the study, literature review, research findings, and research analysis. And In chapter III, I will be discussing the limitations of the study, The theoretical implications, and the conclusion.

Research Question

Syrian civil war is still ongoing. It has been six long years since it started. But still, it could not come out an end. There is no possible solution for it now. Life has become worse in Syria. People are looking for peace, but there is no peace left in Syria. They are continuously dealing with problems.

So, first of all, it is essential to know how this conflict started, the root of this conflict, the dynamics of this civil war, the present situation, and the impact of this civil war. In my writings, I will try to explain the origins and dynamics of the Syrian civil war. So my research question is, ‘’What are the origins and dynamics of the Syrian civil war?’’

Research Objective

In this paper, I have used secondary objectives.

  1. To show the roots and the causes of the Syrian civil war.
  2. To show the impacts of the civil war and
  3. To show the present situation of the war.

Research Methodology

My term paper is made of qualitative data, which deals with some descriptions that I have collected from some articles, journal, documents of international organizations, news research as well as other related countries foreign policy towards Syria.

The research will be on its origins, present situation, and impacts. This study will examine the period between the uprising in Syria in March 2011 until the present.

Through this research, we can study on causes of Syria’s civil war, how the war begins, who are the antagonists, why is it still ongoing, current dynamics, the impacts of the devastating war on Syrian people.

Theoretical Framework

The Syrian crisis is one of the most discussed topics in the entire world. The sufferings of the Syrian people can not describe in words. Syria does not have good relations with almost all the countries, especially the western countries and Israel.

The causes of Syrian uprising can be viewed through different frameworks. In my view, the realist view and constructivist view of international relations relevantly define the Syrian crisis.

Chapter II

Importance of the Study

As a student of International relations, we must know about wars, conflicts, theories of international relations. It will help us to study in IR. I have come to know about many things by doing this paper. It will help me to do other work regarding this in the future.

Literature Review

In one article named Syria: The story of the conflict, I have found how uprising turns into violence. The government started killing, torturing people when they were rebelling against the government.

The unrest triggered nationwide protests demanding President Assad’s resignation. Violence escalated, and the country turned into a civil war.

Authors: Lucy Rodgers, David Gritten, James Offer, and Patrick Asare

Publish of the year: 11 March 2016

In an article Arab Spring: A Research & Study Guide الربيع العربي: Syria, I have found how small peaceful protest turned into a devastating war. The wave of Arab uprisings that began with the Tunisian revolution of January 2011 reached Syria in mid-March.

The government started torturing people, cut off the electricity, murdering innocents. Security forces began confiscating flour and food. Syria’s ethnic divisions complicate the conflict. There was a conflict between Shiia and Sunni community.

After all these, this became a brutal war. By reading this, I have known about the actual reason for the Syrian civil war.

Publish of the year: Oct 12, 2016

In another article, ‘’Roots Of Conflict In Syria,’’ I have come to know about the roots of Assad’s regime. How they were ruling over the people for decades, how Ba’ath party became powerful in Syria.

Because of their dictatorship, how the country became a devastated country in the current world, how their administration led to the civil war.

In this article, I have found other factors that are responsible for the Syrian civil war, such as political repression, discredited ideology, the uneven economy, drought, population growth, new media, the state violation, minority rule, and corruption.

Authors: Lucy Rodgers, David Gritten, James Offer, and Patrick Asare

Publish of the year: 9 October 2015

The book ‘The struggle for power in Syria: Politics and Society under Asad and the Ba’th party’ by Nikolaos van Dam is a constant reference point.

This book focusses on the Asad regime, the role of the Alawi sect, and in contrast to other scholars, van Dam focuses on the role of sectarianism in Syrian politics.
Author: Nikolaos van Dam

In an article, I have known about the key players of this war. On Assad’s side are Hezbollah, Alawites, and Iran. Free Syrian army, Sunnis, a jab that al Nusra, Gulf states, Turkey and Jordan are on the opposition side.

Author: Mark Mooney

Publish of the year: September 4, 2013.

In another article, I have found the impacts of this ongoing civil war, which continues with no end in sight. It has so far killed 220 000 people, displaced half of the country’s population, and facilitated the rise of ISIS.

It is arguably the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, with over a quarter million killed, roughly the same number wounded or missing, and half of Syria’s 22 million population displaced from their homes.

But more than that, Syria today is the most significant battlefield and generator of Sunni-Shia sectarianism the world has ever seen, with broad implications for the future boundaries of the Middle East and the spread of terrorism.

Author: Kathy Gilsenan

Publish of the year: Oct 29, 2015

‘The Syria Dilemma’ provides a good overview of visions on the impact of the Syrian civil war in the Middle East and on the rest of the world.

In‘The Dynamics of Syria’s Civil War’ by Brian Michael Jenkins also discussed the present situation of the Syrian civil war.

This short literature overview does not address all the literature and sources I have used in this research.

Author: Brian Michael Jenkins.

Research Findings

We have come to know, Syria conflict has become the world’s most significant humanitarian crisis. It is the worst humanitarian crisis since world war ii. It ’s an ongoing multi-sided armed conflict with international interventions.

The initial uprising began as a continuation of the Arab Spring movement. “The Government must go!” the movement began as an uprising for democracy.

The Syrian opposition, or the rebels in Syria fighting against their country’s old regime,  is united in its goal of overthrowing Syria’s current president, Bashar al-Assad, and establishing a new government.

The unrest began on 15 March 2011. Bashar al-Assad’s father was Hafez al-Assad. He got the power from his father. Bashar al-Assad has ruled the country since 2000. Syrians couldn’t tolerate, then they peacefully demonstrated in towns across the country against Mr. Assad.

Unlike some other countries facing democratic protests, the Syrian government responded with violence, killing many protesters and radicalizing the movement. Violence escalated, and the country descended into civil war as rebel brigades were formed to battle government forces for control of cities, towns, and the countryside.

By June 2013, the UN said 90, 000 people had been killed in the conflict. By August 2015, that figure had climbed to 250, 000, according to activists and the UN. The rise of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) has added a further dimension.

So, It’s partly a civil war of government against people; partly a religious war pitting Assad’s minority Alawite sect, aligned with Shiite fighters from Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, against Sunni rebel groups; and increasingly a proxy war featuring Russia and Iran against the United States and its allies.

Whatever it is, it has so far killed 250 000 people, displaced half of the country’s population, and facilitated the rise of ISIS.

The Syrian Civil War has devastated Syria and its people. The impact of the extended crisis on the economy has been severe. All areas of the country have been affected by the crisis. People have been facing lots of problems from the beginning of the conflict.

Half a million Syrians have been killed in the five-year civil war. Nearly two and a half million children forced to become refugees. More than seven million forced to flee Syria, including the hundreds of thousands in Europe.

The war has left families destroyed, flattened towns and cities, and left generations in a state of despair. Life expectancy has dropped from 70. 5 years in 2010 to an estimated 55. 4 years in 2015.

6. 6 million people visited Syria in 2010, and tourism accounted for an estimated 5% of GDP, but by April 2013, the tourism sector, both national and international, had utterly collapsed.

Research Analysis

  1. Migration crisis.
  2. The rise of ISIS.
  3. The rise of sectarianism.
  4. Unrest throughout the nation.
  5. Effects on the world economy.
  6. The increase in terrorist activities in the current world.

Chapter III

Limitations of the Study

  1. when I started writing this term paper, I faced many difficulties cause I didn’t have much knowledge about this topic. I didn’t know the reasons for the Syrian civil war. Why this war is still ongoing, I didn’t know the roots of this conflict. Because of this, I faced some difficulties at first.
  2. I have found so many articles regarding the number of casualties in the Syrian war till now, but there I found a different number of casualties, which made me confused.
  3. There are lots of articles regarding this topic on the internet, that’s why I faced some difficulties with finding out the exact answer, and there are also so many statistics data, that took time to understand.

The Theoretical Implications

Realist View

According to realism, people’s interest is the central principle. They never want to be commanded, and they want to do whatever they wish. They do not want to take advantage of anyone.

In Syria, Government rules over people, and they are taking away people’s freedom. The government is violating them for their interest. That’s why people started rebelling against them.

These actions of people to liberate themselves from the tyranny of the Al-Assad’s government. That indicates that they think what realists think, and this is human nature.

Under realism, interests define relationships and alliances. Russia is backing the Assad regime because of its interest. The situation also supports the idea that the progress in international politics is comparable to that in the domestic life, for example, Syria is not only facing internal political problems but also external because of political instability within the country.

I have chosen the Realistic theory because it helps to understand the very nature of human power relations.

Constructivist View

This theory explains the social and historical context of the country. So, this goes with the Syrian crisis. Because this crisis is still ongoing in Syria, and it has a connection with history. Syria has always been ruled by dictators.

Democracy was not introduced there. There was no freedom of people, and women have always been violated. But later, they wanted to be liberated as like as other middle east countries.

Then they were inspired by Arab spring. They tried to fight for their freedom. They dreamt of building their society according to their wish rather than dictators, bringing the democratic system and change the economy of Syria.

I have chosen Constructivism because it helps to understand the importance of society and the role it plays in the building of relationships amongst people within the country and with all other countries of the world.


As we have come to know, the Syrian crisis is the worst humanitarian crisis in the current world. Still, we don’t see its future, and there is no possible solution.

No one knows when this devastating war will be stopped. No one couldn’t predict this future. World leaders, organizations are trying to come out with the best possible solutions. They think there is an urgent need to find a lasting solution that will end this conflict.

The brutality of this conflict has already crossed the limits. We have already seen the sufferings of the people in Syria, that can be expressed in words.

This has shaken our conscience with the images of innocent men, women, and children suffering from the devastation within their own country.

In this paper, I have tried to show the origins, actual causes, impacts until now of this crisis.

Alphabet Inc-Chairman-John-Hennessy-Professional-Ethics

Alphabet Inc. Chairman John Hennessy Professional Ethics

I am sure that you have heard the name “GOOGLE”. But do you know that GOOGLE is a child concern of the “Alphabet Inc”? Today we will know a lot of things about the chairman of Alphabet Inc. Mr.  John Hennessy.

Professional Ethics of The Chairman of Alphabet Inc. Mr. John Hennessy

John Hennessy, who is the Alphabet Chairman, interviewed by The wall street journal‘s journalist about professional ethics.

Here is the full interview of him with The Wall Street journal.

Question 1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

-The first thing I do is put on a robe and make myself a coffee.

Question 2.Your first computer was-

-My first computer was a Radio shack trash ad.

Question 3. As you were the head of Stanford’s department of computer science and later the school’s president, then who were the better Stanford students? The founders of Yahoo or the founders of Google?

-They were both excellent students, but they each made an impressive different contribution. Yahoo figured out how to make advertising work on the internet, and Google decided how to do significant research.

Question 4. What’s one class everyone in business should take?

-I think everyone should take a class that emphasizes algorithmic thinking and the basics of computing.

Question 5. The best way to run a meeting is-

-Run it focused on time and keep it short.

Question 6. The most significant disruption to your workday is-

-Unwanted phone calls usually about people’s problems.

Question 7. You have been called “The Godfather of Silicon Valley,” who plays you in the movie Al Pacino or Robert De Niro?

-No, my wife wants Al Pacino deployment.

Question 8. Speaking of Standford alums, would you instead play golf with Tiger Woods or go to the Oscars with Reese Witherspoon?

-I think I would instead go to the Oscars because of my better observer than I am a golfer.

Question 9. Android or iPhone?


Question 10. The hardest thing being a Chairman of the board is-

-ensuring that a group of highly capable people make a significant contribution to making the company better.

Question 11. What is one attribute that every good board member should have?

-A willingness to speak up and try to make a real contribution and whatever their particular expertise is.

Question 12. What’s your most prized personal possession?

-well, I don’t exactly own my family, but they are my most prized possessions.

Question 13. What’s the difference between a leader and a manager?

-A leader takes a group of people in a direction they need to go. It’s often complicated. A manager figures out the logistics that need to be solved along the way.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Daily Routine and Work Ethics

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Daily Routine and Professional Ethics

Can you dare to run a company without using Microsoft tools? If you can then our advice is not to get involved in the business. You are going to be bankrupted.

In this interview, we will know about Satya Nadella’s daily routine and professional ethics.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Daily Routine

Microsoft CEO Mr. Satya Nadella faced an interview with The wall street journal (get a free subscription) about how he runs meetings and hires and about his daily routine.

Want to learn about Satya Nadella’s biography? Click to learn.

Question 1. You love to work in the morning or at night?

– He replied, a morning person.

Question 2. Morning coffee person or tea guy?

– Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

Question 3. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

– I ware my running shoes.

Question 4. What’s on your work desk right now?

-Too many computers to count.

Question 5. What’s on your smartphone home screen?

-Ah! The number one icon wonder list.

Question 6. Comic Sans good or bad fault?

-Good fun.

Question 7. Favorite workday time-waster?

-Cortana jokes.

Question 8. Favorite personal possession?

-Oh, cricket bat signed by Sachin Tendulkar.

Question 9. Would you instead go to a clipper game with Steve Ballmer or play bridge with Bill Gates?

-I think I will play. I will go to a Clippers game with Steve Ballmer.

Question 10. How do you run a meeting?

– listen to more talk less and be decisive when the time comes.

Know More About His Investment Strategy – Click To Know

Question 11. The one trait that I look for in new hires is –

-do they create clarity do they create energy.

Question 12. If you could explain cricket rules to somewhat in the US. Then What’s the one thing you would tell?

– It is impossible.

Question 13. Who has been the most significant influence?

– My parents as my dad is an economic leftist Marxist and my mom was a Sanskrit drama professor. They could hardly agree on anything. So, therefore, it gave me the room to form my own opinions, but they had high values, and that helped.

Question 14 What’s the best professional advice you have been given?

– Believe in yourself more so than you think you do.

Read More – Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki Daily Routine

Producer -Robert Libetti
Graphics– Drew Evans
Reporter– Shira Ovide
Additional Images-Getty images

Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki Daily Routine

You and I can not imagine a day without YouTube. Do you know why?

Because YouTube gave us the power to control the entertainment world.

Interview of The CEO of YouTube

CEO Susan Wojcicki of Youtube interviewed to the journal “The wall street.” Here goes the full discussion of Susan Wojcicki-

She has been asked, is she morning person or night owl?

-She answered the night owl.

Coffee drinker or tea fan?

-Coffee drinker.

What’s the primary activity you do after getting up in the morning?

-Rollover or see over if I can sleep longer.

What’s the other app you like on your smartphone except youtube?

-Waze as it gets her quickly in places efficiently.

In terms of the memes keyboard cat or sneezing panda?

– Probably keyboard cat.

How often do you skip the ad?

– I probably like watching the ads, and I think It’s essential for me to see the ads, maybe every other time.

Would you hire someone who mispronounced your last name?

-Yes, since otherwise, I probably won’t be able to hire anyone since everyone mispronounced is my name.

Describe your management style in one word.


How do you run a meeting?

-I like to have a clear plan to know what we are trying to get done and get it done as quickly as viable and go on.

Who has been the most considerable influence on you?

-Probably my mom and dad as my dad he is the professor of physics and so he is very analytical and functional at systematically approaching problems and then my mom because she is always up for fun and doing something a little crazy and a little bit untraditional. So, I think I have both sides to me.

You say you and your husband often make it home for dinner with your kids. So, how do you?

-I try to prioritize my time in the office and focus on what’s most essential and get that done as quickly as possible, and then I usually close my workplace at a sensible time like 6:00 pm and have no email from 6.00 to 9:00 which is hard to do. Still, I work hard to do that and also try to focus on kids and family and then in the evening after they have all gone to bed. Then I will recheck email and see what happened during those three hours.

Read More – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella – Daily Routine and Professional Ethics

Producer– Jake Nicol
Editor– Robert Libetti
Graphics– Heather Siedel
Reporter– Jack Nicas

Digital Marketing Serivce - Online Marketing Service - Facebook Marketing Service - Un Marinero Marketing Agency

How Digital Marketing Will Change The Business World

In this century, if you are talking about building your business without digital marketing, then I must say you are one of the losers we have in the industry. But if you agree, then probably you are going to be the next Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk.

The term digital marketing is incomplete without the term affiliate marketing. But have you ever thought that why affiliate marketing is so important to build your business?

After completing the article, you will know how the infrastructure of Syria falls at the time of the Syrian civil war.

I am sure you didn’t. Do you know how I assumed it?

Because research says that 96% of the business leaders are keen to develop skills in digital marketing but avoiding affiliate, we are leaving the industry to some baby sheep where the whole industry can be the next game-changer.

How Can Affiliate Marketing Boost Up A Small Business?

Assume that you are the owner of a small beauty product store. You have started your journey with multiple genres of products. Among all of the genres, liquid lipstick is a potential one.

As you are confident with the liquid lipstick suppliers and products, you can write an article titled “Best Liquid Lipstick Reviews For You,” or if you are selling concealer, then you can write as “Best Under Eye Concealer For Dry Skin” and publish it on your website.

In the articles, you tried to follow the basic needs of an affiliate content like keyword targeting and etc.

However, by following the guidelines to rank on google, you ranked your article.

Now, when a consumer searches for the product with a particular keyword, Google will show your article on the top page. The consumer will go to the content, and you will direct her to your product page where the consumer can buy.

In this manner, you can boost up the sales of your small business with the help of affiliate marketing.

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How Social Media Marketing Can Increase Sales

In terms of digital marketing, social media marketing is a section where you will get a vast number of crowd. Your job is converting the crowd into customers.

How can you do that?

There is some guideline to get the attention of the crowd, and posting info-graphics is the most important one.

However, you can also publish different types of pictures with attractive captions to grab the attention of the crowd.

Why Info-graphics Will Grab the Attention?

If you are asking this question, then let me ask you, what is infographics?

Info-graphics is nothing but a combination of information and a picture.

People are too busy now. They do not have the time to read a long article. Watching an informative video can also be a bearing task to most of the people.

In this case, you are preparing a graphics designed picture and putting information in the picture. Thus, a person can visualize the information within a blink.

Below we are sharing a simple info-graphics to make you understand.

Best Content Writing Agency in Dhaka
Example of a Simple Info-graphics

In this way, you can simplify the information and can grab the attention of your customer.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms To Gather the Crowd

There are a number of social media platforms where you can get a lot of crowds. But there are some selected platforms where you can get 90% of the total crowd.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn (For Service-Based Companies Only)
  5. Reddit
  6. Tumblr
  7. Pinterest (Highly effective for fashion products)

Though Whatsapp and Snapchat are not a social media platform, you can get huge traffic from them. Running paid ads can be the best solution for you.

Moreover, you can grow without running too many ads on the top seven social media platforms. To do the job, you should hire a professional digital marketing agency.


Due To Nivea Beiersdorf Stock Price Had Fallen

Due To Nivea Beiersdorf Stock Price Had Fallen

Beiersdorf, which introduces itself as the definition of skincare, was founded back in 1882 by Paul Beiersdorf. The company has suffered a variety of different experiences and has survived difficult phases over the years.

From the beginning, the company has given too much and always made the consumers feel good about their skin. It has introduced the world to the brand everyone knows about over 100 years ago: NIVEA. It promises its customers to serve them with quality skincare products that would be good for them.

The company believes in making profits in a market with fair competition. Although NIVEA gained brand recognition all over the world, the company working behind the scene is yet to gain popularity.

It is pretty inspiring to see how far the parent company has come since its inception, considering how many companies it owns and how broad it has gotten. It started with Labello, then moved towards Eucerin and so on, all of which are examples of the company’s success. 

History of Beiersdorf

The company was brought to life on the 28th of March in the founding year when pharmacist Paul Beirsdorf, got the patent to produce medicinal plasters. He started only with creating and selling them. In 1892, Beirsdorf bought a property to use it as headquarter of the company.

 It can be said that the company moved towards a whole new industry when Oscar Troplowitz entered the scene in 1890. He bought the Hamburg based firm of only eleven employees from Beiersdorf.

At first, he also focused on the plastering business, and it sustained for the next 20 years.

In 1910, there was a new best-selling toothpaste in the USA named Lebeco; and guess who the parent company was?

Along with that, there was a whole new range of skincare and wound treatment products under the name of Leukoplast. When the company introduced Labello(1909), its first lip care stick, it was widely accepted over the US market, which was initially the most significant consumer market for the company. 

Fortunately, Troplowitz did not think to stop there. He was working alongside his scientific consultant and a chemist to produce a new kind of skincare cream.

When they made a breakthrough and Eucerit was launched in 1911, the world had met NIVEA then as the primary ingredient of NIVEA had already entered the market with Eucerin.

Struggling Phases During World War I

Later on, NIVEA entered the market in December of the given year. The company maintained its expansion and as a result, once 11 employees-based firms had more than 500 employees working under it in different divisions in 1918. The company had faced one of its most struggling phases during world war I.

During the last year of the war, Troplowitz died due to a stroke before declaring any legal heir. As a result, the company had to face insuperable situations at least until Frau Troplowitz, wife of Oscar Troplowitz, took over the management and changed the legal form of the company to a GmbH in February 1920.

The company’s name changed to P. Beiersdorf & Co. GmbH. Things were again looking suitable for the company until it faced another chaos when it lost Frau Troplowitz in 1920.

After that, the company had to face a lot of problems, one of which included changing the legal form and the name again to recover from the turmoil.

At that time, the name was P. Beiersdorf & Co. AG. The revenues had also suffered during that period due to political and war issues. 

When They Entered In The Stock Market

The company had entered the stock market in 1928 through the stock market of Hamburg. During the 1930s, the company had at least 20 sites which were being used for production all over the world, and as expected, the number of employees had almost tripled during the meantime. 

In the 1950s, the company emerged a lot. It hired more than 10,000 people internationally. Although the company expanded all over the globe with its varied range of products, the main three points (skincare, wound treatment, and adhesives technology) were always prioritized.

The product range got more prominent while the quality was maintained, and the production process was standardized. The company took note of the consumers’ needs and found pioneering ways to commercialize the products and serve them to the hand of the customers.

Out of all the product ranges, the NIVEA range was the most established and successful brand and brought on the most revenues.

Introduction of TESA

At the beginning of the 2000s, Beiersdorf had introduced TESA, which had quickly grabbed its position in the market with its adhesive product line and adhesive system.

Beiersdorf has made its market position and perception dominant in India as well through NIVEA. 

Although Beirsdorf founded the company with a small factory focusing only on plasters, it was Troplowitz who made it into an international brand name and spread it all over the world.

He took the first step, which ultimately gave the company so much probably he didn’t even imagine. He had faith in his dreams and product, and eventually, it broke through. The others worked alongside Oscar, Troplowitz, to make the business a successful one. 

History of NIVEA

NIVEA was introduced to the world in 1911, and it has been a familiar name since then. The brand specializes in skin care products for all kinds of customer groups with a promise to protect all types of skin. It has a wide range of products: daily moisture cream, body lotion, pampering oil, etc. 

Back in the 1900s, when Eurocin was launched, its primary used ingredient was euro city, which later on became the essential element of NIVEA.

Eucerit is the key to NIVEA’s unique products. NIVEA is the result of outstanding research, brilliancy, thorough planning, and development. Altogether the makers had brought out the first oil water-based cream in the world that would be acceptable to the mass market.

The first design of the NIVEA tins was converted from golden to the white-blue combination we 90s kids have always known just after 14 years of launching so that both the youth and retired people could relate to the brand. 

NIVEA has penetrated many of the foreign markets since its inception. Since the 1930s, it has been produced and sold in India. The company has a manufacturing unit in Gujrat, along with an R&D facility.

Over many years, the brand valued customer’s needs and has fixated on being innovative in fulfilling those needs. The rest is history.

From then till now, NIVEA has been the number one skincare brand worldwide. Even the people who have never used it will recognize the brand as soon as they hear the name.

The brand has long-drawn-out so much since then. In the 1930s, NIVEA had introduced shaving cream, face wash, shampoo, soap, etc.

Still, it’s broadly accepted by people of all ages that it was named mother of all creams. It truly is. Its essence has changed very little over the last century, but it has never stopped growing or taking care of its users. 

Different Products of NIVEA

  1. Nivea Body Creme Soap
  2. Nivea Skin Firming And Toning Gel Cream.
  3. Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion.
  4. Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream. 
  5. Nivea Smooth Daily Moisture Body Lotion. 
  6. Nivea Pampering Oil.
  7. Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Cream.
  8. Nivea Skin Firming And Smoothing Concentrated Serum. 
  9. Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion 
  10. Nivea Creme

Final Verdict

To the customers, especially to the loyal ones, the name NIVEA is not just a name; it’s more of a feeling, a warm experience. 

Although, Nevia has been categorized as one of the best soap for women in 2020.