Tasnims Group of Industries is one of the youngest companies in Bangladesh.
This is a parent company for multiple brands and companies. Tasnims Group of Industries are composed of
  1. Shunoyona Textiles Limited
  2. Farins Food & Beverage Limited
  3. Farins International Limited
  4. Ankan Airways Limited
  5. Prime Pharmaceuticals Limited
  6. RL Leather Craft
  7. Adon Jute Mills Limited
The House of Farins is a Brand of “Shunoyona Textiles Limited” for Women Dresses. Saydon is another brand of “Shunoyona Textiles Limited” for men.
Total Employee on service: 900+
Head Corporate Office: Plot: 37; Level- 3; Road: 11; Block: H; Banani-1213, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Branch-1 Office [Farins Food & Beverage Limited] (Dhanmondi): 27 Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Branch-2 Office [Shunoyona Textiles Limited] (Khilgon): 369 North Goran; Khilgon-1219; Dhaka; Bangladesh.
Branch-3 Office [Farins International Corporation] (Shantinagar): 40/ja; Pir Shahaber Gali; Shantinagar; Paltan; Dhaka-1217; Bangladesh.
Branch-4 Office [Ankan Airways Limited] (Khilkhet): Radisson Blue Water Garden; Airport Road; Khilkhet; Dhaka; Bangladesh.
Branch-5 Office [Prime Pharmaceuticals Limited] (Mohakhali DOHS): House:438; Road:30; New DOHS; Mohakhali; Dhaka-1206; Bangladesh.
Branch-6 Office [RL Leather Craft] (Savar): BSCIC Chamra Shipla Nagari, Harindhara, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka 1340


Un Marinero is a person/brand related to Farins International Limited.


Proper direction & assumption can make anyone successful. But the future is uncertain.

If this is true then how you can catch a vision?

If you can not catch a vision then definitely you can not make an assumption.

If you can not make an assumption then how can you make a prediction?

If you can not make a prediction then how can you set your plan and how can you create a pathway?

If you can not create a pathway then how you can be successful?

Let’s see How You can be & How others made themselves. 

Who is Un Marinero?

Un Marinero is an unknown sailor who claims himself as the warehouse of failure. In this world, each and every person is not successful. Those who are also had gone through multiple failures. But the journey was not so sweet, is not comfortable & will not be enjoyable. Un Marinero says “I stepped in every sector & fields in my life. I failed in all of them multiple times. But I found my success in one. But I know the lackings & limitations as well as the gaps of those sectors. Un Marinero is a sailor who sails from coast to coast. Landed on a coast, learned from the coast & again started sailing.”

Want to be a Un Marinero?

If you can teach this universe something then you can claim yourself as a un marinero.  But you have to full fill one condition.

  • You Have To Be The Father of Failure & The Lord of Success*